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Solid Workforce at Concept Infoway

Rikin Shah

Managing Director

Naresh Sanghvi


Mansi Shah

Chief Executive Officer

Rujul Shah

Vice President-Operations

Kalpesh Rampariya

Chief Technology Officer

Kushan Shah

Project Manager

Snehal Shah

Business Development Manager

Pawan Jadav

Business Development Manager

Chintan Sheth

Sr. Business Analyst

Chintan Shah

Project Manager

Hevin Patel

Project Manager

Mayur Shah

Project Manager

Nitin Vyas


Things We Believe In

Decisions based

on discussions

Quick reply

is in our DNA

PM is not a
Project Manager,

it’s a People’s Manager

It’s not just our job,

it’s our attitude

Work smarter,

party harder

No work is

bigger or smaller

Our Journey

Concept Infoway /'kɒnsɛpt/ /'ɪnfo'weɪ/

Our company started with an idea – a notion, hence the name ‘CONCEPT,’ to reach out to the global clients through information highway ‘INFOWAY’ and serve them with quality and budget-friendly solutions that help their business expand and grow. The concept of our company “Concept Infoway” is to deliver innovative and prolific solutions so that our clients can excel in their unique business endeavor. Learn more about Concept Infoway, may it be our:

  • Philosophy
  • Establishment
  • Accomplishment
  • Core Values
  • Transition of our brand

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Save your time and money by choosing us, a scalable team with 120+ professionals with expertise in various domains and technologies.

Dedicated TL / PM with Quick Response

Have a dedicated Team Lead / Project Manager for your each project, all with an assurance that your project will get utmost priority, along with the quick and firm response for all your queries regarding it.


With expertise on all the latest architectural and coding structures, our experienced developers ensure that the site is secure, and performs quick and swiftly.

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