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F1 World Pro – Certainly a Must Grab for your Windows Phone 7 Mango OS

With rumors spread around the world with Windows Phone 7 Mango OS is scheduled to be released sometime next week, I guess I am too late for this article then. Anyways, it’s better late than never.


F1 World is sports app dedicated to the Formula 1 industry. It was launched and developed by Concept Infoway, an offshore software development company based in India and was first released earlier this year in the month of March for Windows Phone 7 and later in the following month of April, it was released for iPhone iOS. Being a sport app, F1 World is integrated with several features and functionalities, along with superior graphics and user interface. At a glance, it provides the user with instant News updates of Formula One which includes News related to one’s favorite F1 teams, drivers, cars, racetracks, etc. It also provides race schedules for the coming race events and much more. The developing team has selected some of the best RSS feeds and integrated in the F1 World to provide such updates. This includes News Feeds from formula1.com, espnf1.com, crash.net and many more. Moreover, all these feeds can be automatically updated. Moreover, F1 World has received a mass attention of both iPhone and Windows Phone 7 users worldwide with over 8,000 downloads as well as with over 4 stars ratings in both Apple’s App Store and Windows Market Place.

However, all the above is a bit old story. As said now with Windows Phone 7 Mango OS which is (probably) scheduled to be release next week the developing team of F1 World has updated the app for Windows Phone 7 Mango OS with F1 World Pro. F1 World Pro will be one of its first app to be released for Windows Phone 7 Mango OS. Along with all the features of earlier version, F1 World Pro will list several new and amazing features.

Below are the highlights of its primary and new features.

Primary Features

  • All the latest News and updates of Formula One.
  • News related to F1 teams, drivers, race tracks, cars, as well as race schedules and more.
  • Integration of racetrack with graphical presentation.
  • Integrated top RSS feeds along with the functionality for user to mark / unmark the RSS feeds.
  • Preview window for each News with picture.
  • Super user friendliness which allows the user to jump to next News contents with just a Scroll.
  • Integrated browser support to read each News in F1 World Pro without opening a separate browser window.
  • Push Notifications for News updates without syncing.
  • Option to choose scheduled, automatic and timely News updates.
  • Option to choose from automatic updates, timely updates or scheduled updates for News.

New Features

  • Integration of multi-tasking support to allow the user to switch between F1 World Pro and other apps.
  • Live Broadcaster feature that displays data based on user’s GPS location, which can be enabled and disabled by the user.
  • Windows Phone 7 Twitter integration to share News on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Windows Phone 7 Twitter integration to share race results on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Push notification – 15 minutes prior to the race.
  • Push notification of the race results.
  • Integration of Email.
  • Addition of new feeds.

More importantly with all the above Primary features the app F1 World is available for free for iPhone and Windows Phone 7. Regarding, F1 World Pro – well it is primarily designed for Windows Phone 7 Mango OS however it does support Windows Phone 7. The development team has said that they will soon release the same version for iOS as well.


Finally if you are an F1 Fan with Windows Phone 7 than F1 World Pro is a must grab app for you.

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