Microsoft, with its upcoming operating system Windows 10, is trying to make things much easier for the developers. What used to be a tedious and time-consuming task of developing a particular Windows app, for multiple devices with different form factors and configurations, will now be much simpler. Microsoft has introduced the concept of “Universal Windows App,” an app that can run on different devices, including the desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, consoles, and even the Internet of Things (IoT) devices.


Windows app developers will no longer need to write code for multiple times in order to target different devices. Instead, Windows app developers will have to write code only once to target various devices, or to make the app workable on various devices. Imagine the hassle it will reduce and the time it will save to develop a Windows app.

Businesses looking for Windows app development will also benefit from the universal app concept. From their perspective, they will have to get the Windows app developed once. Getting the app developed once means they will not have to pay more, which otherwise they would have to for getting the same app developed for different devices. Aside from the cost of Windows app development, businesses will also be able to expand their reach. Think about it; a business invests only one time in Windows app development, and is able to reach their potential customers who are using desktops, laptops, Windows Phones, Xbox consoles, wearables, and IoT devices.

Users too will benefit from universal Windows apps. They will be able to have their favorite, convenient apps on whatever devices they are using. The look and feel of the apps and even the experience will remain the same on different devices.


Microsoft’s universal Windows app concept is just simple, effective and prudent. Not only Windows application developers and businesses, looking for Windows app development, benefit from it, but users will benefit too.


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