Hybrid Mobile Application Development with ASP.NET MVC

January 29, 2015

It’s no wonder that the smartphone revolution has taken the world by storm. Because of its usefulness, every palm is found holding web-enabled smart devices, having different configurations and powered by different operating systems i.e. iOS, Android, or Windows. The impact of the smartphone revolution is so deep that every business either small or large is desperately searching for a qualified mobile app development company who could build a powerful business app for them. However, businesses get bewildered by the array of devices and APIs available in the market.

Businesses get confused about which mobile platform to choose. The iOS uses Objective C, Android uses Java and Windows Phone uses Silverlight, yet each of these options has a distinct API and a distinct market. Focusing on any one platform could leave approximately 50 percent of the market unable to use your application. And, if you decide to develop a custom mobile application for all these platforms, then you have to stretch your budget as well as have to maintain three different codebases. Don’t worry, here is a solution. You can build a mobile web application, as it can be viewed on any of these devices.

These applications are called Hybrid Applications, as they possess an embedded platform-specific web browser control. All the major mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 8 supports embedding web browser controls as implemented on their platform. They are completely native in nature and offer a seamless navigation experience. These hybrid mobile applications can be developed using different web backend; however, ASP.NET MVC is ideally suited for the implementation of hybrid applications. Here are some reasons, why ASP.NET MVC is a good choice for Hybrid  Applications, and they are as follows:

•    Clear separation of responsibilities
•    Sharing most code with desktop or tablet web clients
•    Minimal friction with underlying web development model
•    Sample hybrid application

Hybrid Mobile Application developed using ASP.NET and its frameworks are a very promising solution if you are looking for any line-of-business mobile application. You can hire skilled ASP.NET developers / coders from a Microsoft Certified Company like Concept Infoway to create powerful solutions that work on a broad cross-section of web-enabled devices. However, here are the Most Important Points to Consider Before You Hire ASP.NET Developers from any ASP.NET development company. Also hire mobile app developers from Concept Infoway.

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