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Concept Infoway – Started in April 2000 with a small team of just 4 and a small office, we have travelled a long journey of 22 years. Yet, the core of our beginning lies in our name itself, “Concept”. Every journey, every beginning, weather a small or large company, starts with a Concept in mind; carrying this ideology we are focused towards accomplishing every project, irrespective to their size or technology, with a Concept to deliver it with excellence.

Inception, Acquired 1st B2B Customer



Acquired 1st Office

Successfully Delivered 100th Project



40+ Conceptians

60+ Staff, Acquired 2nd Office



Started On-Site Development

Acquired 3rd Office



Acquired 4th Office

140+ Conceptians


Transition of the Brand

Our MD, Mr. Shah always believes in reflecting the company brand with the kind of work we do. For that reason, the name “Concept” in our brand “Concept Infoway” was born… everything we do right now, whether it is development, internet marketing, digital marketing, and even enjoyment, there is a concept, a notion, behind it. All the thing we do has a vision behind it; a vision to see a bright smile on our clients’ faces, a vision to see satisfaction in the kind of work we do, and a vision of overall progress. The “Infoway” in our brand “Concept Infoway” signifies the information highway… using the vast highway of information technologies, we want to see the overall growth of our clients and us.

There is a concept behind our beautiful logos as well!

Concept Infoway - Old logo

The logo was inspired by the notion to serve global clients; hence the blue globe. The blue color also represented the corporate and professional culture of our industry. Since it was the inception of the company, our goal was to gather brilliant brains from the Indian market so that they can cater to our global customers’ ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services) requirements.

Logo Arrow
Concept Infoway - Old Logo 2008

The logo was redesigned to mark the growth even in the slack economy. The three upward trending bars were envisioned to represent the progress we were making in the stagnant economy. The logo was designed by HP (Hewlett-Packard), and during this time, we even acquired our second office!

Logo Arrow
New Logo - Concept Infoway

The logo was envisioned to represent the expansion of our services. Since 2010, we have expanded into many horizons… mobile app development, wearable app development, web solutions with emerging technologies, etc. The notion was to let our global customers know the kind of different services we now provide. The “C” in the new logo represents our brand “Concept Infoway” and the varied colors signify the different services we now offer.

Our Team

Most of our core team members are with us since more than 8+ years.
These core team members joined us as Fresh Recruits, and have now reached at heights of Project Managers, Team Leaders, DBA, Managers, etc.
The reason is quite simple – we understand the fact that people can’t be good always, one has to make them good. Just like a raw diamond needs a polishing to shine, we polish ourselves, as well as our staff to outshine. This helps us to deliver the complex logical and technically challenging solutions to our clients.



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