Intellectual Property Protection

We Ensure Clients Have Their Mind At Ease

Legal & Technical Protection

We respect our clients “intellectual property” rights and hence take all the necessary steps to ensure that we provide both legal and technical protections. To ensure Intellectual Property protection, we have set up state-of-the-art infrastructure and project management methods to ensure highest level of security.

We understand that clients are worried about their logic, data and source code in the current market scenario where an idea can change the whole world; hence, we take special care for the same.

To ensure clients have their mind at ease we sign the contract and NDA [Non-Disclosure Agreement] with them

We also sign the NDA and NCA with our staff the day they join our office

There are strict policies for data posts, requests, uploads, downloads, and all the staging and FTP servers are under IP [internet protocol] restrictions, so they cannot be accessed outside the organization

We have high level firewall to ensure that all the internet surfing, emails and chat are logged and audited regularly

Centralized servers for development–developers are not allowed to store the source code locally

Database server is also centralized and can be accessed by staff internally through intranet only

All the data is regularly backed up on NAS [Network-Attached Storage] from the development server

High level of anti-spam, antivirus and anti-spywares ensure that the data is not hacked or leaked outside the organization

We use the CRM software to upload all the data with access restriction to staff and clients

After delivery, the project is backed up and stored at a secured place

The USB drives and portable storage ports and devices are not allowed on the premises except the unrestricted access areas

We do regular auditing of our internal systems and security measures to ensure that there are no loop holes in them

All communications are allowed only by the official organization’ email addresses and communication methods; staff and clients can communicate with each other only using official email ids

If client doesn’t have the NDA and contract copy, we can send them the specimen which we can sign with them

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