PHP Development for Excellent Web Solutions

PHP Development for Excellent Web Solutions

January 20, 2022

PHP does not need an introduction. When you seek out for a web solution, most companies, whether in USA, India, UK, Australia or anywhere else will first recommend PHP. If you ask them why you should choose PHP, they will just say that PHP development is affordable, and the platform is capable of delivering excellent web solutions. That’s it? Is that all there is to PHP development? And, by the way, what does excellent web solutions, mean?

There are plenty of reasons to why one should consider PHP for thriving web solutions.

In simple terms, PHP is a web language. By web language, I mean a language that helps build websites and web app. Further, it is open-sourced, meaning, anyone can download the PHP’s source code, use it to build websites or web apps, and make a profit without paying a penny to the creator of PHP or the PHP Group. Oh, the PHP Group is a faction of people who develop and maintain the PHP source code.

PHP is a very simple language for building websites. In fact, one can clearly read and understand the source code of a website that is built with PHP. Despite being simple, it is powerful enough to create complex websites, as well as web apps. Complex websites and web apps bring us back to the above question, “what does excellent web solutions, mean?” Excellent web solutions mean websites and web apps that are:

  • Fast (incredibly fast to process requests)
  • Versatile (able to maintain the performance, regardless the load)
  • Functional (ability to harbor all the necessary features)
  • SEO-friendly (being good to search engine crawlers)
  • Scalable (so that when business grows, the website or web app grows as well)

With PHP development, from experienced developers only, creating the so-called excellent web solutions is possible. Take the examples of Facebook and Wikipedia. They are excellent websites with ginormous traffic at all the time. How often have we heard that Facebook is down, or Wikipedia is down? Rarely, I am sure. It is not that they are looking for an affordable platform for their web solutions; it is just that they need a reliable platform for their web solutions. They trust PHP. Besides, PHP works great with numerous databases, making it possible building data-driven, high-performance websites.

One rare benefit of web solutions via PHP development, which many people overlook, is that easy availability of resources. Suppose you already have a PHP-based website and need to enhance its features, but you are not happy with your current developers. In such a case, you can easily change your PHP developers…shift to another PHP development company. Plenty and I mean plenty of PHP development companies have established in India, USA, UK, Australia and other places. You can easily find and contract with any of these companies, should you have to forsake your current one. Of course, the prices difference may exist, but not of a great magnitude. Further, because PHP is a simple language, it will not be a big hassle for the new company to understand your existing website and amend the required changes.

There is one more thing about PHP. It can deliver solutions quickly. Some geniuses, fortunately, have developed the building blocks using PHP through which developers can quickly build websites, as well as web apps. These building blocks are in the form of software frameworks. While software frameworks like Codeigniter, Symfony, CakePHP, etc. facilitate rapid application development, software frameworks such as WordPress, WooCommerce, Drupal, SilverStripe, etc. assist in rapid CMS (content management system) website development. Of course, there are PHP frameworks that aid in the quick development of e-commerce sites as well. Using software frameworks like Joomla, PrestaShop, Magento, etc., PHP developers in India, USA, Australia, UK, and elsewhere can build excellent e-commerce sites, quickly and easily.

To conclude, PHP is a very matured platform. Whatever the reasons the PHP development companies in India, Australia, UK, USA, or anywhere else provide about choosing this platform, it is not a poor decision to select PHP for your web solution requirements.


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