Conceptians’ Annual Trip 2017 to Udaipur – the ‘Venice of the East’

The glorious, the historic and the lake city of India, Udaipur, was this year’s annual trip destination of high-spirited, impish and hardworking (alias smart working) Conceptians. Often referred to as the ‘Venice of the East’, Udaipur is known as the center for performing arts and crafts. It is the city of lakes, and lake of palaces.


It was around midnight of 22nd June 2017 when the sky was drizzling, and all the charged-up Conceptians were boarding the transfer from Ahmedabad to Udaipur. Soon the fleet speeded the highway and the next morning, we reached the first sightseeing destination of the lake city, the vast and the beautiful, the Fateh Sagar Lake. Conceptians enjoyed the Pontoon Boating at the Fateh Sagar Lake along with the splendid image of the city and rejuvenating weather. This was the sight everyone would fall in love in with.

Venice of the East

After the Pontoon Boating on the Fateh Sagar Lake, the caravan of Conceptians reached the juSTa Rajputana Resort. This heritage resort was truly peaceful and inviting. Soon, the tired Conceptians headed toward their allocated rooms to get some break and also to get ready for the most awaited “Tropical Themed Cocktail Party”. Well, this was a one-of-a-kind evening party that was the result of Tropical Wears and Cocktail Drinks.

Venice of the East

The party began on the evening and the almighty greeted the Conceptians with the rain. This doubled the joy of partying, and soon the Tropical Themed Cocktail Party turned into Tropical Themed Cocktail Party with a Rain Dance. It was an evening party one would ever have dreamed about – loud music, friends, delicious food and rain.


Day 2 was the day to reward and appreciated all the hard working and smart working Conceptians in the Concept Family. This “SMART WORK PAYS OFF” award ceremony was a bit different from traditional award ceremonies. Conceptians were awarded with a badge and certificate depending on their contribution towards the company and projects.

Venice of the East

Day 3 was the day to say good-bye to juSTa Rajputana and the Lake City Udaipur [Venice of the East], and return to Ahmedabad. The Annual Trip 2017 was special and unique in many ways – the midnight journey, early-morning visit to the lake, the marvelous resort, the tropical themed party and more. It added queer experiences, new lessons and new perspectives into our lives. Memories made at Udaipur will be cherished forever.

Venice of the East


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