Mobile App Development

Mobile apps generate massive revenues. Whether it is iPhone apps or Android apps, there is a lot of money for app owners. While big brands seamlessly rollout mobile apps and make hefty earnings, small businesses often face many hurdles. Developing a mobile app is already challenging enough, but getting the app approved is another big obstacle that businesses need to go overcome. And the final hurdle, which too is challenging, is making the app prominent enough in the App Store so that users can actually find and download it.


In order to overcome these challenges or hurdles, it is imperative for businesses to have the right strategy in place, from day one.

Phase One: Mobile App Development

Developing a Mobile App Successfully

Outsourcing mobile app development can be difficult, especially if you are not on the same page as your app developers. Since you will be outsourcing your project, it will be in your best interest to treat it like a freelance project – define your project, outline a project timeline, and monitor regularly to check the progress. In addition, consider the following:

  • Know clearly what you want. Before outsourcing, define what aspects are most essential to your mobile app’s success. What are your expectations with your app? Is it to generate extra revenue or extend your services and offer convenience to your customers? Do you need mobile commerce features?
  • Before you hire mobile app developers, thoroughly talk to them. Whether you prefer a Skype call or Hangout chat, take time to speak with your app developers in order to let them know about your expectations. Discuss critical milestones and your communication plan for taking project updates.

Phase Two: Mobile App Approval

Steering Through App Approval Process

First get a quality app built from your developers, test it for crashes or bugs, and then prepare it for submission. Read and understand the submission guidelines. For Apple, review the App Store Review Guidelines, Apple Watch Human Interface Guidelines, iOS Human Interface Guidelines, and Guidelines for Using Apple Trademarks and Copyrights.


For Android, review the Launch Checklist. Carefully go through and understand the Publishing Process, Google Play Policies and Agreements, Core App Quality Guidelines, App’s Content Rating, and other processes. Be sure that your Android app complies with the Google Play size requirements – currently the maximum size is 100 MB. If your Android app is bigger than 100 MB, use APK Expansion Files.


Failure to comply the Apple’s or Google’s guidelines will cause delays with the approval process. It could also be rejected altogether.

Phase Three: Mobile App Marketing

Making the App Popular

Consider App Store Optimization (ASO) services. ASO is a process of optimizing mobile applications to rank them higher in the App Store. As per Statista, for the last two years in the US, more number of people relied on app store searches to discover new mobile applications (refer the below image). Therefore, in order to ensure that more users can find and download your app, try to make it prominent in the App Store. And to make your app prominent in the App Store, consider App Store Optimization. ASO could be challenging, so hire ASO experts to optimize your app for the App Store.

How to Ensure Success?

Source: Statista

The Conclusion


There is no denying that mobile apps are becoming more popular as they have started becoming the integral part of our daily lives. No matter what kind of business you own, mobile apps are absolutely necessary to reach out to more customers. Mobile apps also help generate massive revenues.


Before you embark on a mobile app development project, have a right strategy from day one. Whether you go for iPhone app development or Android app development, clearly define your expectations and talk to the developers to convey your expectations. Understand and steer through the app approval processes. Finally, consider ASO services to optimize your app and make it prominent in the App Store so that more users can find and download it.


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