Hiring Magento Developers

4 Important Things to Consider When Hiring Magento Developers

June 6, 2017

Hiring Magento Developers – Need a powerful online store solution that can help you sell your products or services easily to both local and global customers? Consider Magento, the most preferred online store platform recommended by Ecommerce experts worldwide.


Magento is one of the most popular ecommerce development platforms out there today. The reasons for its popularity are the extensibility and scalability, which it offers to both the online store developers and the Ecommerce site owners. Furthermore, Magento is fully customizable, enabling Ecommerce developers to personalize the online store as per your unique requirements. This Ecommerce development platform comes with many useful features, built right into its framework. Plenty of exceptional add-on features, in the form of extensions, are also available for Magento. It is one of the best platforms for building prolific online stores for any kind of business, small or large.


Fortunately, when it comes to Magento development, you will find many Magento developers for hire, who can build excellent online stores. Before employing the developers, however, you need to make sure that you are hiring the best ones to work on your project.


Here are a few important factors to consider when you need to hire Magento developers:

#1. Experience

Hiring developers having significant experience in Ecommerce development, especially Magento development, is always beneficial. Seasoned Magento developers have the knack of understanding your unique requirement thoroughly and completing the project without much supervision from your end. Explain your online store requirement to the experienced developers and they will deliver the project, exactly the way you wanted. Novice Magento developers are not bad, however. It is just that working with them may create some hiccups and delays. Also, you may have to intervene often to get the job done.

#2. Communication

Outsourcing your Magento development requirement to a country, like India, is not a ridiculous idea! In fact, by outsourcing, you will be able to save substantially on Magento development cost. The big problem with outsourcing Magento development to India, however, could be the language barrier. Because of a miscommunication, especially due to the language barrier, you could end up with an inferior quality Ecommerce site. Miscommunications could also create delays and an increase in the overall cost of development. Therefore, it will be in your best interest to hire Magento developers, whether foreign or local, who are proficient in the language you are comfortable with talking or communicating. Usually, English is a common tongue, so hire developers who are capable of communicating in English.

#3. SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)

How the developers handle your online store development requirements will have a tremendous effect on the outcome of the project. When the Magento developers adhere to a good standard operating procedure, it ensures minimum delays and quality results. Further, those developers who follow a well-defined SOP also keep you, their customer, in a perpetual loop during the entire online store development phase. Standard operating procedure enables complete project transparency, so you will have a clear account of money you will be spending.

#4. Sample Work

Before finalizing any Magento development company or hiring any Magento developer, it is very beneficial seeing their sample work. Experienced Magento developers obviously have built many online stores, so it would not be too difficult for them to show their recent or past projects. By examining the developer’s work, you will be able to guess what to expect from them. Keep in mind your specific requirements and ascertain whether the developer will be able to address those needs.


These are the important factors to consider when you need to hire reliable Magento developers. In fact, consider the above factors when hiring any kind of web developers, be it .NET developers or PHP developers.


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