Creating a Beautiful & Effective Landing Page

Creating a Beautiful & Effective Landing Page

June 13, 2016

Remember your first date? You had a clean shave, tidy hair, pressed clothes – right? What was the purpose of all that? To make a striking first impression – right? Believe it or not, first impressions matter a lot.

The landing page is just like your first date. By coming to the landing page, a customer has decided to give you the change. If the landing page looks untidy and unattractive, no matter how good your products or services are, the customer will leave. No matter what type of business you have, web visitors expect to be charmed by your online presence.

So, how can you create a solid first impression? Well, the answer is with a carefully-designed landing page. A landing page should be able to capture the visitor’s attention, keep them interested, and motivate them to perform an action. Let us understand these aspects in a little more detail.

Capture the Attention

The landing page design should please the eyes of the visitors. Do not overwhelm them with heavy literature without any illustrations. Instead, use neat imagery to express your message. Professional photos and suitable color schemes are vital to achieving a smart landing design that will not scare a web visitor away. Hire a web design company that actually has experienced and creative web designers who know how to design beautiful images and blend appropriate colors and photos in order to build a captivating landing page.

The content of the landing page should be bulleted. Bullets, not the actual projectiles but the short paragraphs, make the content of your landing page easy to read and understand. Long, untidy content creates confusion and will turn off a web visitor. On the other hand, content that has been divided into points will maintain the interest of a web visitor and may inspire an action.

The landing page should fulfill its promise. Visitors come to the landing page by clicking on the link or an ad on the search engine results page, social networking sites, or other websites. This link or ad has a short description that motivates the visitors to click it. Ensure that the description matches with what the landing page is offering. For instance, if you are advertising the best iPhone app development services, do not try to sell Android app development services on your landing page. It is a kind of misleading, and no one likes to be misled.


Keep them Interested

It only takes several seconds to impress the web visitor. Believe it, the average web surfer has an attention span as short as mere eight seconds. In the light of this, test your landing page by having someone look at it for ten seconds. If you cannot keep them on the landing page for at least ten seconds, then you probably need to make some serious changes. Find you what distracted them. Was it the slow-to-load animation? Was it the fast-rotating testimonials? Was it the weird call-to-action button? Or totally something else? Keep making the changes and keep testing the landing page until you get it right.

The landing page should not have any navigation. There is no need to include any breadcrumbs, arrow keys, or horizontal and vertical scrollbars. The landing page should NOT have any navigation elements at all. A landing page is not a one-page responsive website design. The sole purpose of the landing page is to make the customer click on “call to action” button. Anything else that is clickable on the landing page is just a distraction.

Keep the form on the landing page simple. You are not taking a survey through your landing page, so be sure to limit the fields you ask your customers to fill out. Besides, these days, the majority of people access the web through smartphone devices thanks to the explosion of mobile app development; however, filling out long details through a cramped touchscreen keyboard on a smartphone can be frustrating for many visitors.


Incite Action

The landing page should create some cues. Every aspect of the landing page should be geared towards making the visitor click on the call to action button. Channel the visitor’s eyes, visually, through neat graphics, towards the call to action button. Static arrows are one obvious way, but you can be more creative, like including photographs or images of real people directing the gaze of the visitors towards the call to action button.

To incite the action, the landing page should spell it out to the visitors. The call to action button should not be a “>” or “” icon. Instead, it should clearly spell out “Submit.” Rather, be more effective and creative; if you have promised the best rate, your call to button should read “Save!” To trigger the motivation to click the call to action button, use phrases like, “Save Now,” “Save Today,” “Get The Benefit,” etc.

Be sure that the call to action button is really a button. Well, it is quite obvious, but most of the times, simple things can break the deal. You need to ensure that the call to action button on your landing page stands out, and is clearly clickable. You do not want your visitors guessing where to click or tap – right? Aside from a clear clickable button, it should also be functional. After wasting time and filling in the details, if an error occurs by clicking the button, it will obviously pique the visitor. Therefore, double check, triple check, or check multiple times to ensure that the call to action button works without any error.

Well, that is all. When designing the landing page or getting the landing page designed by a web design company, ensure to keep the above aspects in mind. Designing a landing page costs money, so don’t let it go to waste. Be sure that your landing page is carefully designed.

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