Establishing Your E-Commerce Business

April 15, 2016

It is imperative for a business to have a website. If the business is selling certain products or services, then setting up an e-commerce site is surely worthwhile. With an e-commerce site, a business will be able to sell its products or services effortlessly to the prospective customers all around the world. But, how would a business be able to set an e-commerce site?

Due to competition, there are numerous e-commerce sites on the internet, and to top all those sites, a business needs to come up with a unique e-commerce solution. Here are some steps that may assist a business in setting up a fruitful e-commerce site.

Think about an ingenious store name

The name of the e-commerce site can play a big role in the success or the failure of the site. What you should do is come up with a clever name for your online store. The simpler the name, the better it is for your site. A customer would not want to make an effort or waste time memorizing a lengthy, awkward name of your site. Thus, simplicity is the way to go when it comes to naming an e-commerce site.

There are ways to create your store name. You can either use the word that already exists or create your own novel word. The problem with using the word that already exists, however, is that someone might have probably used it for his or her site. On the other hand, the problem with using a novel word is that it might sound ridiculous or may not suit your business or may not be well accepted by the customers. What you can do is try “Business Name Generator” sites (Google it) to find or get the idea for the possible name for your online store. Just keep in mind that the name should be simple, yet catchy enough to set you aside from the competitors.


Come up with an enchanting logo

Just like the name of your e-commerce site, the logo of your online store should be simple, yet mesmerizing. The logo should be simple because we all know how difficult it is to recall complex signs or symbols. Besides, a simple, yet cleverly designed logo, factors toward easy identification of your online brand among the rest.

While creating the logo for your e-commerce site, you need to ensure that it is legible and readable in the mobile version. Your potential customers might access your e-commerce site from a mobile device, and you do not want a choppy logo displayed on the smaller screen. Your logo should stay uniform whether it is rendered on a big screen 4K monitor or a 4-inch smartphone.

Creating a creative logo for your online store obviously demands the skills of an experienced designer. You can, however, give a shot at “Business Logo Generator” sites (again Google it) to design a reasonably good logo. Just be sure that the logo is simple but attractive enough to leave a deep impression in the minds of your potential customers.


Create enthralling website design

The website design of your e-commerce site plays a crucial role in attracting, retaining and regaining your customers. As a rule of thumb, keep the web design of your online store “Simple.” Do not clutter the content and visual elements, as it only makes it difficult for the customers to find whatever things they want. Keep the web design clean and carefully place the user interface (UI) elements in order to offer better user experience (UX) to your customers. Also, make sure that the design is responsive, where it is uniformly accessible from any devices with any screen sizes and orientations.

Along with web design, you also need to ensure the SEO friendliness of your online store. By SEO friendly, it means you should have the uniform URLs with proper keywords for each page of your site. The e-commerce site should also include the sitemap. The content of the site should be original, short and precise, easy to understand, and free of any grammatical and spelling mistakes. Do not mislead the customers with shady content. Also, avoid outbound links and pesky ads on your website.

In order to create a mesmerizing responsive web design for your online store, it will be in your best interest to hire a professional web design company, unless you are good with the web designing tools.

Build your online store

Once you have a unique name, ingenious logo, and beautiful web design for your e-commerce site, it is finally the time to build the actual website. Unlike personal websites, blog sites and business websites, e-commerce sites are a bit complex. Nevertheless, there are many free as well as paid e-commerce platforms available on the market that helps build exceptional e-commerce websites. For instance, there is Magento, Zen Cart, Shopify, Drupal Commerce, etc., which can help create an excellent online store. Selecting the e-commerce platform depends on you and your business needs. Considering the types of products you will be selling, the payment methods you be accepting, the shipping you will be providing, the promotion offers you will be offering, and so on will be helpful in selecting the right e-commerce platform for your online store.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, e-commerce sites are complex; hence, you will need e-commerce developers to help you build your online store. In order to find the e-commerce developers or e-commerce specialists, your favorite search engine can be your best resort. Googling “ecommerce developers” will give you results of many good E-commerce development companies. Approach those e-commerce development companies with your requirements and get the price quotes they offer. Pick the one that offers the best price. Note, however, that the companies that offer low-priced quotes are not necessarily the best. The same is true for the ones that offer high-priced quotes! What you need to do is see the experience, specialization as well as the track record of the e-commerce development companies. The e-commerce development companies with vast experience, diverse specialization in different e-commerce platforms, and successful track record are the ones that are worth considering.

That is it! Hire that e-commerce development company, share your vision with them, and they will build an excellent e-commerce site for you.

We are e-commerce experts, having vast experience and specialization in Magento development, Zen Cart development, Drupal development as well as Microsoft .NET development through which, we create exceptional e-commerce solutions for our clients. No matter how simple or how complex the e-commerce development requirement is, our skilled e-commerce developers can design and build brilliant online store solutions. Our experienced e-commerce developers can also assist in upgrading existing e-commerce sites as well as in integrating any payment gateways, shipping methods, or custom modules.

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