How to Develop and Submit Apple Watch Apps to Apple Store

April 16, 2015

The stage is set. Everything is planned and prepared to welcome the Apple’s first and the most adorable wearable gadget “Apple Watch”. Furthermore, to make the release more memorable and to boost the success of Apple Watch prior its availability, the Apple Inc. has invited all the registered iOS developers to develop and submit their WatchKit app, icon, screenshots, and description for review, at the earliest. However, do you know, what is the procedure to develop an apple watch application, and how to submit it to the apple store for review? Don’t Sweat It!

Steps to Develop and Submit Apple Watch Apps

Optimizing Your WatchKit App– As a first step towards apple watch app development, you need to update your Xcode to the latest version of Xcode .i.e. XCode 6.  It also includes iOS 8.2 with WatchKit. Apple Watch App Design– When you design an apple watch app, strictly follow the requirements outlined in the Apple Watch Human Interface Guidelines. Apple Watch App Development– Keep in mind all the app development tips and guides by Apple to develop a high-performing apple watch app. WatchKit Development Tips and Apple Watch Programming Guide.

App Store MetaData

Ensure that the metadata for your App Store product page involves app’s new functionality on Apple Watch. Application Icon– When you develop a custom application for apple watch, always remember icon of the app should be visually identical to your iOS app icon. This keeps your users connected. Now, getting a bit technical, the file you upload as the icon for your app should be square with 1024×1024 pixels. As this file is too large for scaling purpose, ensure that the uploaded image graciously scales down to smaller sizes. The system will spontaneously resize app icon uploaded by you for the App Store, applying a circular mask. Try to keep the icon design as simple as possible, because, the circular mask will hide the elements on the outer edges. Also, avoid using black or dark background of your icon to keep it from blending into the black Apple Watch home screen.

Note: Please, do not upload a circular icon. Screenshots – You are allowed to upload maximum five screenshots of your WatchKit app in addition to five iPhone app screenshots. Recommended size for WatchKit app screenshots is 312×390 pixels. Provide edge-to-edge screenshots that are 312 x 390 pixels (42 mm) and don’t include Apple Watch in your screenshots. Application Name and Description – As per the guidelines, the name and description of your iPhone app and the Apple Watch app should be the same. If your iPhone app contains a WatchKit app, Glance, or notification, don’t forget to mention this in your description. Moreover, you can also include it in the What’s New Section. Do not include “Apple Watch” in the app name. When writing a description in another language, always use Apple Watch in English. Keywords– You are given maximum 100 characters to put your point; therefore, give your best shot. Avoid using terms such as the app and watch, and the phrase such as Apple Watch. To know more, read the App Store Product page. App Preview– Your iPhone app footage may be used as app preview and do not change your preview to show your Apple Watch app. Learn more about app previews.

Uploading Your Apple Watch App to Apple Store

Before submitting your Apple Watch App to Apple Store for review, ensure it obeys and adheres to all the app review guidelines, the version and build number are consistent, and it is completely ready to be released after review. App Review – All the Apple Watch app submitted for review are tested on a set of content, technical, and design criteria.  Make sure you follow the guidelines and use resources before submitting your app for review. Version and Build Number – In the binary, you upload, keep the same version and build number for WatchKit app, iPhone app, and WatchKit extension. Application Release Date – Once reviewed and approved, your existing iPhone users will get the app update, and they will see your WatchKit extension icon and description on the App Store. A tiny community of Apple Watch users will be able to use your app before April 24; however, if desire to launch your app after the release of Apple Watch, then set your release to “Manual”. To know more about the release date, please read the iTunes Connect Developer Guide.

Apple Watch Application Development Services

Undoubtedly, Apple Watch is a gem among the wearable device, but developing an application for it is a tricky business. Fortunately, there are some Apple Watch Application Development Companies, such as Concept Infoway, that help businesses utilize these innovative platforms to earn more profit. To know more about, Custom Apple WatchKit App Development.

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