How to Make Your iPhone App Popular

How to Make Your iPhone App Popular

January 12, 2018

Getting an iPhone app is one of the best things you can do for your business. Before getting an app, however, be sure to partner with a reliable iPhone app development company, like Concept Infoway, which ensures that your app is a success. Here are some simple guide on How to Make Your iPhone App Popular.

Building a flawless iPhone app is tough, but even if someone helps you develop such an app, there are certain things that need consideration. What if your targeted users are not aware of your app? Your effort, time, and money will all go to waste! For that reason, you also need to focus on the ways to promote your mobile app.

We at Concept Infoway – an experienced iPhone app development company, understand how important promoting an app is, and so offer valuable assistance to our clients.

Here are some of the ways we can help you promote your iPhone app:

App Store Optimization

App store optimization or ASO is one of those things that most businesses, getting an app, overlook. It is a strategy that aims at making an app prominent in the app store. The experts at Concept Infoway know how ASO works, and work on your iPhone app accordingly in order to improve its visibility in the Apple’s App Store.

Submit Your App to Review Sites

In order to gain some initial publicity, we prefer submitting your app to the top mobile app review sites, such as AppStorm, Feed My App, etc. You can do this by yourself as well! Be sure, however, that if you have a paid app, mention the special or redemption code and a proper description of your app so that the reviewers can download your app for free and write the review.

Create a Site/Web Page

It is possible to promote your iPhone app easily by developing a new site or a dedicated web page with proper SEO keywords. On your new site or web page, add a relevant description and highlight the key features of your app. Also, include nice screenshots, and a short video of your app. Doing this will let the potential users understand your app, and it will overall make a nice impression. It would be beneficial if you could also include a feedback form that can allow potential users to leave genuine feedback.

We can help you develop a new website or design a dedicated web page for your app. Discover more about our web design and web development services here. Also, we can help you with the SEO to improve the visibility of your new site in the popular search engines. Learn more about our SEO services here.

Promotion via Social Media

With countless people spending most of their time on social networking sites, it could be the best opportunity to promote your iPhone app by posting about it on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and other popular platforms. Let everyone you know, know about your app and ask them to share your post about it to spawn better visibility of your app.

We can help you in this regard as well! We have the professionals at Concept Infoway who can promote your mobile app on the popular social networking sites. See our Social Media Optimization service.

Promotion via Press Releases

Press releases are effective in promoting anything, including mobile apps! Write an effective press release and submit it to the relevant sites so that the readers will come to know about your app. Be sure to highlight the features of your app in your write up. Also, do not forget to include the link from where one can download your app.

Paid Promotions

Paid promotions, or simply, advertisements are a great way to reach out to a large audience. Ads are ubiquitous, and people will obviously notice them. Advertise on social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, to gain better coverage.

To learn more about iPhone app development and app marketing strategies, contact us. Concept Infoway, the one of the top iPhone app development companies in India, has years of experience in mobile app development and is committed to delivering innovative and prolific iPhone apps to our customers worldwide. Contact us for your any query on How to Make Your iPhone App Popular.

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