Things to Know Before You Embark on your Mobile App Development Endeavor

Mobile Apps – almost every business owner needs to have one in order to get a competitive edge in the market. According to StatCounter, an independent web analytics firm, the mobile internet usage has exceeded the desktop internet usage worldwide. Consequently, the M-commerce and sales have also seen a massive upsurge. Looking at the exponential growth, it is absolutely essential...
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Who is Using Drupal?

Many new businesses are wary of going for Drupal-powered websites. Drupal is not only open source, but it has no license costs, so many businesses wonder how it can be good if it is free!   When new customers approach us for web design and when we recommend Drupal development, the most common question we get from them is “Who...
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Web Design Essentials

A nice website can help you represent your business adequately in the vast web space! It can cover everything about your business. You, however, need to represent your business in a better way because it drastically improves your chances of making a positive impression on your prospective customers. Therefore, consider the web design aspect of your website seriously.   The...
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iOS App Development – Do You Need To Invest in iPhone/iPad Apps?

Looking at the statistics from Statista, “As of summer 2016, more than 140 billion apps were downloaded from the App Store” and “As of January 2017, the Apple App Store had 2.2 million mobile apps available for download.” Wow, these are really big figures and indicate that Apple’ fans sure love the iOS apps.   Most iPhone or iPad users...
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Bring Your App Idea to Life by Partnering With Top Mobile App Development Company

If you have a remarkable mobile app idea, but do not have enough skills to breathe life into it, then don’t worry. Just get in touch with Concept Infoway, the top mobile app development company in India, which can help bring your app concept to reality. In business for over 17 years, Concept Infoway has considerable experience in mobile application...
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How to Create a 301 or 302 Redirect?

So you are moving your site to a new domain or shortening the URLs of your web pages to make it more user-friendly or SEO-friendly. Perhaps, you want to temporarily or permanently force your web visitors to land on a specific web page. In such a case, you need to redirect your URLs so that your web visitors do not...
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Legacy iOS Apps are Dying – Act Now!

The end is near for all the 32-bit iOS apps. If you have a 32-bit iPhone app or iPad app to cater to your customers, then it is time to seriously think (and quickly think) of the alternatives.   Starting with iOS 11, which was announced on June 5, 2017, it is speculated that all the 32-bit applications will stop...
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