Web Application Development – Points to Consider for a Successful Web App

January 10, 2017

Web Application Development Points:

Web applications or web apps are making things a whole lot easier for users. They are accessible from anywhere, and they provide equally better productivity as desktop applications. When it comes to web application development, however, you must accept the fact that it is a tricky process.

Web application development is a challenging task. You need to anticipate user behavior in order to design an intuitive web app, which users will actually use. You need to think about various functions that users will employ to improve their productivity. Web applications that are difficult to understand and lack essential features will do no good. There are several things you must take into consideration during web application development in order to build a web app that proves to be useful to the users. let’s check some must consider Web Application Development Point for awesome app development.

Of the many things that need consideration during web application development, below are certain points that would help build a successful web app.

Employ Tooltips

When you browse a website, do you notice the text when you just hover your cursor over some icons? That’s tooltips. These days, users get bored quite easily because of the busy interfaces – interfaces with too many texts. In order to avoid turning off the users, use tooltips on your icons. Tooltips eliminate busy text-heavy interfaces. They also encourage users to explore the system, without affecting their experience adversely; for instance, users will just hover their cursor over the icons and tooltips will let them know the functionality of those icons. Tooltips help in creating immersive experiences, so consider using them. For responsive web apps, which are accessible through mobile devices, provide a button, which can toggle tooltips on and off.

Group Related Functions

Users will embrace the web app if it is easy to use. Therefore, during the web app development, ensure to group the related functions as much as possible. When related functions are together, users will be able to access them quickly and easily, which in turn will improve their productivity and likeness toward the app. In order to group various related functions in your web application, consider using icons with tooltips. In addition to icons, grouping various functions under a single drop-down menu may also prove to be useful.

Use Modal Windows Sparingly

A modal window is a pop-up message or confirmation box that draws the attention of the users with a description or warning message about an action they are going to perform. When such a window pops up, it fades the main window of the web application and forces the user to make a decision. Only after the user interacts with the modal window, they will be able to access the main window of the web application again. Yes, such modal windows are necessary for web applications to let the users know about the action they are about to perform, but you need to make sure to use it sparingly. Frequently locking down the users with modal windows to draw their attention will annoy them. Also, ensure to design the modal windows in such a way that they are easy to read and dismiss.

Plan Ahead

Completely plan your web app before developing it. Keep in mind that making changes to your web application once it is deployed is a tricky job. To make things easier, be sure to begin by breaking down your web app into phases before you start programming. Have a clear plan and proceed step by step until you have a complete solution.

Status Messages

It is essential to let the users know what is happening when they have clicked on a function. The best way to do this is by showing status messages, like ‘please wait,’ ‘processing,’ ‘loading,’ etc. Be sure the status messages are clear and noticeable so that the users know what is happening and do not end up repeating their actions.

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