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What’s Better – Cross Platform Mobile App Development OR Native Mobile App Development?

May 18, 2021

Since the day of inception, hot discussions between the supporters of native app development and cross platform app development have been observed by the mobile app development industry. Adding fuel to fire, this war of words raised a huge confusion among the entrepreneurs, who are still unable to decide, whether to go with native mobile application development or to go with cross platform mobile application development or native Mobile app. If you are one of the entrepreneurs, who is still confused and wondering that is better for your business, then keep reading this blog, as it will help you find answers to all your questions related to mobile app development.

Firstly, just for information, let’s make it clear, what is the cross platform mobile app and what is native mobile app.

Cross Platform Mobile Applications are those that developers augment web code with a native SDK. The most impressive trait of this application is that it can be easily deployed across multiple platforms. It is a cheaper and faster solution.

Pros: Cross Platform Mobile App Development

  • Cross platform mobile apps offer uniform look and feel across different platforms
  • They use familiar technologies
  • They use common scripting language
  • They can be reused across different operating systems such as iOS, Android, etc.
  • Update once and sync all
  • They cover more customer base and platforms
  • Applications based on the list can be easily implemented
  • Report based cross platform mobile applications are more attractive in appearance
  • They offer identical mobile and web view
  • Reduced development cost and time

Cons: Cross Platform App Development

  • Cross platform mobile apps may not satisfy all functional requirements
  • They require different tools, including PhoneGap, Xamarin, Grapple, Corona, Titanium, Open plug, Unity etc.
  • They show limited compatibility with different platforms
  • UI is not that interactive as the single app is developed for multiple platforms
  • Cross platform mobile apps are less flexible
  • Limited accessibility of hardware, including GPS, camera, and push notifications
  • Experienced and efficient developers are hard to find
  • Cross platform app development is mostly preferred for games
  • Hard to test on real devices
  • Cross platform apps are hard to optimize for a specific platform

On the other hand, Native Mobile Applications are those that are platform specific. The most impressive aspect of this app is that it lets you extract the maximum potential of a respective platform. Native apps offer great user experiences with larger app capabilities. App development charges and time totally depend upon the complexity of an application.

Pros: Native Mobile App Development

  • Native apps offer 100% hardware support and fulfill all possible requirements into a functional reality.
  • Native support is widely available.
  • Native apps can be developed in a very less time
  • You can easily find experienced and efficient app developers.
  • Native apps offer more flexibility.
  • Implementation and modifications are feasible with native apps.
  • Native apps are more fragmented in use and integration.
  • Native apps get instantly benefited whenever the new features are announced.
  • Native app developers are friendlier with components and UI.
  • Native apps get the support from the respective app store.
  • The performance of a native can be enhanced easily.

Cons: Native App Development

  • You need to regularly update your native app, whenever a newer version of the OS is released.
  • It takes more resources, budget, and time to create an app in different native platforms such as iOS, Android etc.

Apart from above mentioned Pros and Cons for both the options, there are still many factors to consider when it comes to impeccable mobile app development for your business. If you still cannot decide what is better for your business i.e. Native Mobile Application Development or Cross Platform Mobile Application, then contact our Mobile App Developer at Concept Infoway and hire our mobile app developers to get best app development services .

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