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Who is Using Drupal?

July 17, 2017

Many new businesses are wary of going for Drupal-powered websites. It is not only open source, but it has no license costs, so many businesses wonder how it can be good if it is free!

When new customers approach us for web design and when we recommend Drupal development, the most common question we get from them is “Who else is using this technology?”

To answer this practical question, we have prepared a list of several good organizations and companies that have been using Drupal or have their sites migrated to Drupal. Check it out:

Websites Using Drupal


·        White House (https://www.whitehouse.gov/)

·        Australian Government (http://www.australia.gov.au/)

·        Internal Revenue Service (https://jobs.irs.gov/)

·        US Environmental Protection Agency (https://www.epa.gov/)


·        University of New South Wales (https://www.unsw.edu.au/)

·        Kent State University (www.kent.edu/)

·        University of Rochester (https://www.library.rochester.edu/)


·        Lush Ltd. (https://www.lush.com/)

·        Timex (www.timex.com/)

·        Curate8 (www.curate8.com/)


·        Fox News (www.foxnews.com/)

·        Grammy (https://www.grammy.com/)

·        Turner Broadcasting (www.turner.com/)

Financial Services

·        Voya Financial (http://voya.com/)

·        Suncorp Group (http://www.suncorpgroup.com.au/)

·        Societe Generale Group (https://www.societegenerale.com/fr)


·        Expedia (https://press.expedia.com.au/)

·        London Gatwick Airport (http://www.gatwickobviously.com/)

·        Tourism Fiji (http://www.fiji.travel/)

High Tech

·        Red Hat (https://opensource.com/)

·        Box (https://www.box.com/)

·        Pinterest (https://business.pinterest.com/)

Well, looking at this small list, it is evident that many organizations and companies, even the government agencies worldwide, trusted.

So, if you need a new website or migrate your old one to a new technology, then Drupal is a reasonable choice. Contact us for website development.

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