Why go for PHP Development?

Why go for PHP Development?

January 20, 2022

Why is it a good idea to go for PHP development? Well, the answer is pretty simple—it is beneficial in many ways.

In this technological epoch, people spend most of their time on computers, smart devices (smartphones & tablets), and the internet. Because of this, it has become indispensable for businesses—both large and small—to have an online presence in order to do business. To have an online presence, the best way is to own a website. Anyone can build a website this day—free tools and building blocks are available. Nevertheless, such a website will not be sufficient—it will not entice visitors. Further, it will also fail to gain any visibility in various search engines—from where users will most often find the website—if essential SEO elements are not added while building a website. Aside from the looks and SEO aspects, website security is also a big concern that needs consideration while building a website. In short, to have a thriving online presence, a business needs a reliable, robust, and versatile website.

Fortunately, to have such a potent website today is no big deal. Businesses, in fact, have numerous options when it comes to getting a potent website built. By numerous options, we mean web technology options. There are Microsoft’s ASP.NET, as well as Open Source’s PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, and lots of others. Each web technology is special in its own domain, but for reliable, robust, versatile, and affordable web solutions, PHP development has gained tremendous acceptance in the past few years. Not as old as Perl and Python, which are certainly excellent web programming languages for building websites and web applications, PHP still dominates the web with over 80 percent usage! According to usage statistics from built with.com, over 47,025,657 websites on the web are powered by PHP. Hire PHP developers from Concept Infoway for quality PHP development web solutions.

Advantages of PHP

PHP has numerous advantages. That is why, it is a good idea to go for PHP development when it comes to web solutions. Let us look at some of the significant advantages of PHP.


Businesses, both small and large, will only look for solutions that are affordable. Whether it is their staff, machinery, or technological requirement, affordability always stays as the top priority for businesses worldwide. The solution for thriving online presence, i.e. owning a business website, has no exceptions from the affordability factor. Fortunately, PHP development because of its Open Source nature—is affordable and it also delivers outstanding solutions. By choosing PHP development, a business can have affordable, excellent quality, data-driven, and fully-functional website. Getting PHP developers is inexpensive, as well. Businesses today can easily find and hire the services of experienced PHP developers in their locality simply by performing an internet search for a keyword like “Experienced PHP developers.” Of course, before hiring, a little research about the developers is necessary.

CMS Integration

Because the business is always growing, to reflect the growth, its website should also adapt with the growth. To reflect the growth on the website, by adding latest news and info, hiring a developer every time, is not a reasonable strategy. For such situation, a good, versatile web CMS (content management system) is useful. A content management system is a web software that works on the backend of the website, allowing website owner to modify and update the web content of their website. Even a website owner with as little knowledge as working with a word processing application can understand and use a content management system. With PHP web programming language, integration of a versatile content management system with a website is possible. In fact, the most popular and versatile CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and many others were created using PHP. Therefore, if a business needs a CMS for its new or existing website, PHP can integrate it.

Data-Driven Dynamic Website Solution

Simple business websites will not do, and the days of static and flash-powered websites are long gone. Today, it is the age of colorful, interactive, data-driven, and dynamic websites, and PHP flourish in this domain, as well. PHP can deliver interactive, data-driven, dynamic website solutions. A server-side scripting is necessary to create dynamic, data-driven website, and PHP is entirely server-side scripting language. Using PHP, web developers can easily create incredibly dynamic web pages. An interactive and dynamic website indeed enchants web visitors, making them stay longer on the website. With visitors’ prolonged stay, the chances are more of them to be converted into business prospects.

Aside from these, many other remarkable aspects of PHP make it the most popular and excellent web development choice for businesses these days. For a potent web solution, businesses should certainly consult good PHP web development companies. These PHP web development companies will understand the business requirements and deliver outstanding web solution that will enable a business to prosper.

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