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Microsoft Discontinuing Its Project Astoria – No Porting of Android Apps to Windows 10 Mobile

Unfortunately, Microsoft has decided to discontinue its dream project Astoria. Microsoft has officially confirmed that they are abandoning their pl

Windows 10 latest updates - You May Not know the Release Date
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You May Not Receive Windows 10 on its July 29th Release Date

Many of us, who have already registered to get their hands on Windows 10 with Microsoft’s Windows 10 Upgrade notification, there is a sad and disap

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Is Microsoft really about to kill Windows Phone?

As shocking as it sound, yet Microsoft is going through some big and drastic changes right now. Recently a part of Bing Maps was sold directly to U

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How to Reserve Your Free Copy of Windows 10 Upgrade?

With Microsoft Windows 10 scheduled to release on July 29, it is obvious that most people will like to update their existing Windows Operating Syst

Microsoft’s Project Astoria – A Great Way to Port Android Apps & Games
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Microsoft’s Project Astoria – A Great Way to Port Android Apps and Games to Windows 10

Since last few months, reports of Android apps on Windows have been floating around, and it seems Microsoft is delivering on those rumors. Microsof

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Windows App Development – Things are Changing

If you have not already heard yet, then know this, Microsoft is in the process to up its ecosystem, augment it further. The Microsoft applications

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Microsoft Universal App Development Strategy – Will it Succeed or Not?

Actually, the concept of allowing app developers to write their apps once and have them functioning on any Windows 10 powered devices feels wonderf

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Nokia Lumia 820 and 920’s wireless charging pad revealed

Both the Lumia 820 and 920 — expected to be announced at an event in New York September 5th 2012 — are believed to feature wireless charging, and t