Google’s Hack Update – An Update Removing All the Hacked Websites from The Google’s Search Results

Google’s Hack Update

Does your business totally depend on search engines, especially Google, for business? Do you earn maximum business leads from Google? Is Google the only source of business and marketing for you? Is your business website being ever hacked? If so, then here is the news that might make you feel uncomfortable and uneasy if your business website is ever hacked. Yes, you heard it right…!!!


According to the SEO news broadcasting website “Search Engine Land” Google has decided to aggressively target websites that are ever hacked by the hacker, and have decided to remove those hacked websites from its search results for the safety and convenience of it’s users across the globe. As per the news published on Search Engine Land, “Google says it’s rolling out a series of search algorithm changes that “aggressively” target the presence of hacked spam in its search results.”

In a blog post written by Ning Song, a software engineer at Google, The Search Giant Google is turning up the dial in its algorithms to remove hacked sites from Google’s search results.


In his blog post, Ning Song wrote, “We are aggressively targeting hacked spam in order to protect users and webmasters”. He also stated, “The algorithmic changes will eventually impact roughly 5% of queries, depending on the language. As we roll out the new algorithms, users might notice that for certain queries, only the most relevant results are shown, reducing the number of results shown.”


On asking why these algorithms are necessary, Ning Song replied, “This is due to the large amount of hacked spam being removed, and should improve in the near future. We are continuing tuning our systems to weed out the bad content while retaining the organic, legitimate results.”


We all know that hacked websites are enduring problems for users in terms of safety, nowadays, this cluster of hacked websites has raised as a problem for the search giant (Google) itself. At the beginning of 2015, Sophos (an IT security firm) claimed that had notified Google of “hundreds of thousands” of high-ranking, cloaked PDF documents on hacked websites. Furthermore, Google is also removing the hacked websites from the search results because, the hacked websites were the second most common cause of manual actions.


To overcome the issues due to hacked websites, Google has requested webmasters, site owners and SEOs to put their questions or feedback in the Webmaster Help Forums.

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