When organizations and businesses are looking for a security oriented dynamic website and / or a high-level complex web application, is the optimum choice. Offered by Microsoft, is state-of-the-art framework that not only allows to craft exceptional websites and web application, yet at the same time it also ensures that the security features are taken into consideration. Besides, not to forget that development allows to develop rich and complex applications such as Custom CRM, Accounting Management Software, POS System, and much more.


On the other hand, though development has several advantages, yet the fact is that most organizations / businesses does not have the in-house resources / developers who can help them cater their needs; obviously this is because of the fact that most organizations / businesses does not require such level of skillset. This is why, when it comes to such requirements, most organizations depends upon development company, who can cater their needs in the most appropriate way.


However, in this competing world, where there are thousands of development companies and freelancers available, it becomes a daunting task for these organizations to find the right one.

When it comes to development there are many businesses that depends on either agencies, references, Google, or freelancing websites, which may lead them towards unfavorable outcome. This unfavorable outcome could be in several ways such as expensive cost, delay in project delivery, completed project not as per the requirement, buggy system, and so on. On the flipside, the one who doesn’t depends upon the above channels, wonders how to hire a good development company?


Below are few points that will help you to choose a good development company

  • Microsoft Certified: is offered by Microsoft, and Microsoft offers accreditations to the companies who have the expertise as well as the required skillset in the particular field, technology and framework. The first step is obvious is to search for a company who has the Microsoft Competency in development. The accreditation will give you an ease of mind when it comes to your requirement.
  • Team Strength: When the project requirement is of high magnitude it is but natural that you require a good team strength to complete the project on time. Ask for the number of developers the firm does have, as well as about the team leaders and project managers. If possible, also ask for the CVs for the same, which will allow you to gain confidence in the company.
  • Business / Technical Analyst: When you have a complex requirement, it is essential to have a technical / business analyst to review your requirement and prepare the scope of work for the same. This scope of work will help to finalize the requirement including the wireframes, application flow, click events, and so on. Hence, it is recommended to opt for a company who has a team of business / technical analyst in place.
  • Reports: Reports is an essential part, especially when your project is already in the development phase. Check that whether the development company you select provides daily / weekly and monthly project status reports or not. If so, then what tools / methods they use to provide the reports. Also check that up to extent they are providing the reports. The reports will help you to justify the number of hours utilized behind your project, and determine the costing / cost analysis from your end.
  • Cost and Time: Finally, it comes to cost and time factor. This is pretty much easy to understand. Yet, it is not necessarily that those who offer lower costing are the ones with whom should you go with, and neither with that who provide higher costing are the best. Choose wisely.

I hope the above will help you to choose a good development company for your requirement. Yet, if you’ve still any doubts, please feel free to drop your comments, and I will certainly get back to you.



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