How to Prepare Your Online Store for The Holiday Season?

The holiday season is fast approaching. As an online retailer or wholesaler, are you ready to capitalize the festive season and improve your sales?

You obviously want more people to visit your site during the holiday season. Now, how would you do that? Well, here is a small checklist for attracting new and retaining repetitive customers on your beautiful E-commerce store:

Fine-tuning your Online Store


The first thing you need to do is fine-tune your E-commerce site. Make your online store more welcoming for the customers with a befitting festival theme and suitable banners. Offer and highlight discounts on your site. Use captivating slogans to entice your customers. Include everything that you can think of to mesmerize your customers and encourage them to engage with your site. Do not forget your website’s performance, however. Be very sure that while making your site holiday season-ready, you do not compromise its intuitiveness and performance.


Optimizing for Mobile Devices


Of course, your E-commerce site is mobile friendly, but if it isn’t, get a hold of E-commerce specialists now and make it responsive. A responsive or mobile-friendly E-commerce site will help you reach out to a massive smartphone and tablet device users.

On a side note, you can radically increase your sales and ROI with a custom mobile E-commerce app. Contact a reputable mobile app development company and complement your E-commerce website with a nice mobile app.


Initiating Effective Promotional Campaign


The holiday season is a great time to run a marketing campaign for your E-commerce site. While the people are in the mood of buying things, vendors are in the mood of giving! Great discounts and promotional offers are quite common among the vendors during the holiday season. Therefore, take advantage of this and initiate an effective marketing campaign to attract more customers. One of the best ways to initiate an effective promotional campaign is by utilizing popular social networking platforms. Do not forget to carry out an email campaign as well, because it too has the power to draw people toward your online store.


Double-Checking Your Inventory


Be very sure that you have a large inventory to address the increased demand. During the past few years, there has been a radical shift in the way people shop, especially during the holiday season. These days, more people tend to shop online than visiting a store in person. For that reason, double-check your inventory and make sure you have enough products readily available to cater to these customers’ demand.


Customizing Checkout and Shipping


Quick and simple checkout process and free shipping have added benefits during the holiday season. During the festival season, customers are always in a rush, and there are some last-minute customers as well. To make things simple and convenient for them, customize your checkout process and make it intuitive, brief, and secure. Free shipping helps tempt customers to make the transactions and build a brand name for your online store.


Ensuring Your Hosting Provider Doesn’t Slow Your Site


Ask yourself, “Is the web server on which my online store is hosted ready to handle a large influx of web traffic during the festive season?” If your answer is “yes,” then there is no problem, but if your answer is “no” or “don’t know,” then you definitely need to worry. During the festive season, after preparing your E-commerce website festive-ready, there will be a huge influx of web traffic. Web servers slowing down due to massive web traffic can make your online store sluggish. If your E-commerce site is sluggish, your potential customers will certainly not make the purchases and rather go to your competitors’ sites. You don’t want that – right? Therefore, contact your hosting provider and ask for increasing the capability of the web servers on which your site is hosted.


Streamlining The Supply Chain


Streamline your supply chain during the holiday season. You will get a lot of orders during the holiday season, and failing to supply the products on time will surely affect the reputation of your business. Take adequate measures well in advance to ensure you have a smooth and pleasant ride through the busiest time of the year.

It is always in your best interest to stay prepared for the upcoming challenges. During this holiday season, stay few steps ahead by keeping the above points in mind to offer a wonderful shopping experience to your potential customers while preventing any havocs.


All The Best & Happy Holidays!


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