MasterChef(s) at Concept Infoway

You’ve heard about MasterChef Australia, MasterChef India, MasterChef US, and probably many other countries, yet nothing seems to be as interesting, fun and competitive as compare to that of MasterChef Concept Infoway.

MasterChef(s) at Concept Infoway, Concept Infoway

Though it may sound funny and a bit weird that why an ITES firm get involved into something such as MasterChef, yet continuing our philosophy towards work with fun, we had arranged a MasterChef Event on the past Saturday 1st Oct.

MasterChef(s) at Concept Infoway, Concept Infoway

The event was meant to take a short, yet fun activity break for all the Conceptians, wherein, everyone took an active part in it. All Conceptians were divided into four teams, wherein each team have to prepare (literally cook) four recipes, starting from Welcome Drinks, Appetizers, Main Course and Desert.

MasterChef(s) at Concept Infoway, Concept Infoway

The best part all team members were jumbled with each other, which means a team will contain a combination of various resources starting from Design, QA, PHP Developers, Microsoft Developers, Mobile, Content Writing, Business / Technical Analysts, along with Juniors and Seniors, even the Sales, Accounts and the HR.

MasterChef(s) at Concept Infoway, Concept Infoway

Everyone brought their culinary skills on forefront, from Oreo Mousse to Kiwi Mock tails, all were in place.

MasterChef(s) at Concept Infoway, Concept Infoway

After all, we Conceptians are a fun loving creative people.


MasterChef(s) at Concept Infoway, Concept Infoway


If you want to be a part of this great fun loving family, feel free to drop your resume at


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