Overview on ASP.NET Software Development

ASP.NET software development works as a great tool in crafting solutions for software’s, dynamic websites and web based applications, inevitably it is one of the preferred platforms for development.


As a web application development framework developed and marketed by Microsoft, Asp.net software development plays a vital role by allowing programmers to build dynamic websites, web applications and web services. Released in 2002, based on .net framework, and successor of Microsoft’s Active Server Pages (ASP) technology, asp.net is incorporated with Common Language Runtime (CLR) that enables the programmers to perform asp.net coding in any supported .net language. As a result, it supports numerous languages, as well as server databases. Moreover, it support of SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) extension frameworks allows asp.net components to process SOAP messages.


Asp.net software development provides fast and concise results, in contrast to other frameworks. This is possible because asp.net reduces the required amount of code considerably during the development stage of large applications. This less code writing further not only saves time, but also proves to be cost effective. It is also integrated with windows confirmation and per-application arrangement, which allows ASP.NET software development

to provide safe and secure results. Asp.net delivers a great presentation with the advantage of early binding, in-time compilation, local optimization and caching services.In fact, with the help of asp.net programming, one can get the advantage of powerful applications that are not only powered with the highest level of security, but are also scalable with an excellent performance for any mission critical applications.


Taking this further, asp.net web development outfits fast, approachable and easy way to interface server code with HTML to create dynamic web contents. This allows your website to connect with databases, integrate with audio and video, link with other social networking sites, and much more, making your website exclusive, along with the latest W3C standards. Asp.net software development also integrates several other languages such as VB.net, C, C++, C#, Java, Ajax, etc. ensuring to deliver high-end web applications.


Some of the major advantages of ASP.NET software development are:

1. Cross browser compatible solutions.
2. Safe and secure solution with integrated windows confirmation and per-application arrangement, along with Microsoft SQL Server support as database.
3. ASP.NET web development to deliver dynamic websites and web contents, which provides approachable and easy way to interface server code with HTML.
4. Allows the website to connect with databases, along with integration of audio and video, linking with other social networking sites and much more.
5. Support of various other languages and frameworks such as VB.net, C, C++, C#, Java, Ajax, Silverlight, etc.
6. Provides an array of solutions such as:


  • Custom Software
  • Custom CRM
  • Custom CMS
  • Web Applications
  • Dynamic Websites
  • Solutions for Windows Phone 7
  • Solutions for Microsoft XBOX 360
  • And much more…

7. Constantly updated by Microsoft, ensuring that it delivers cutting-edge solutions.
8. Asp.net software development has proved to deliver robust, quality, reliable and secure solutions.


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