Healthcare App Development

If you are in the medical industry and are seeking reliable healthcare app development services, then look no further than Concept Infoway.


Concept Infoway is the leader in mobile application development in India and provides efficient healthcare app development services to clients in the US, UK, Europe, and Australia. With over 16 years of experience in mobile app development and a solid team of mobile app developers in India, which is thoroughly competent in iPad/iPhone app development, Android app development, Windows app development, and Cross-Platform mobile app development, we create amazing app solutions that work for our clients.


When it comes to healthcare app development, we deliver prolific mobile applications that simplify various medical tasks for physicians, surgeons, and medical staff. We build efficient medical apps that cater to the specific requirements of medical industry professionals.


Why Choose Us For Healthcare App Development?

Many mobile app development companies in India develop medical app solutions that just replicate their desktop counterparts, which are often inconvenient and inefficient. We at Concept Infoway, however, have a strategic approach that enables us to create intuitive and efficient mobile apps, which actually make things easier for medical professionals. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider us for Healthcare App Development in India:


Strategic Approach:

In order to deliver a productive healthcare mobile app, we employ a strategic approach. We consider the app’s purpose, keeping in mind the requirements of every department of a particular healthcare institution, and create customized solutions that help each member of the medical staff fulfill their assignments easily and efficiently.


Intuitive UI/UX Design:

Our healthcare app developers are quite brilliant in creating intuitive UI and UX designs for the mobile apps. With beautiful and intuitive, i.e. easy to understand and easy to use, UI and UX app designs, your medical staff will be able to perform various tasks quickly and efficiently without any hassle.


Security Assurance:

We understand the criticality of data protection in the healthcare industry. For that reason, we create a medical app that is fully secured, which is accessible to authorized users only and resilient against exploits or attacks.


Seamless Integration:

In order to ensure greater productivity and bring additional value to your medical practice, our healthcare app developers build an innovative mobile app that can integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, namely EHR (Electronic Health Record), patient scheduling, practice management and other such systems.


Our Healthcare Mobile App Development Process

Healthcare App Development

Platforms: Native & Cross-Platform

At Concept Infoway, we are an expert in native mobile app development as well as Cross-Platform mobile app development. Our mobile app developers in India can efficiently carry out iPhone / iPad app development, Android app development, and Windows app development. In order to develop a Cross-Platform mobile app, our mobile app developers in India use Xamarin, Apache Cordova, and PhoneGap among other cross-platform app development technologies.


We also have skilled wearable device app developers who can build innovative healthcare apps for Apple Watch and Android Wear devices. To learn more about our mobile app development expertise, visit


If you have any queries or have your healthcare app development requirements ready, contact us directly at Alternatively, you can talk to us on +91 98250 31415 or +1 864 990 1415.


Specialists at Concept Infoway also have experience and expertise in web application development, so if you need a custom web application related to healthcare, do contact us.



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