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These days, it seems that there are mobile apps for everything. There are even apps for shopping groceries! If you are into such a retail domain, having a grocery iPhone app and/or grocery Android app for your customers will be very beneficial. Just imagine how many customers you will be able to serve.   In...
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Having a responsive business website is great. You can efficiently reach out to customers on desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. So, despite having a beautiful responsive website, would it make sense to get a mobile app developed? Well, read on to find out.   The potential of mobile apps Mobile apps, whether iPhone, Android or...
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Along with the upcoming Microsoft’s Windows 10, Microsoft is also coming up with the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), one app package that allows a developer to build an app that can work on all Windows 10 devices. At the same time allowing you to design your pages to render perfectly no matter what device a...
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Microsoft, with its upcoming operating system Windows 10, is trying to make things much easier for the developers. What used to be a tedious and time-consuming task of developing a particular Windows app, for multiple devices with different form factors and configurations, will now be much simpler. Microsoft has introduced the concept of “Universal Windows...
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Microsoft is making things easier for Windows app developers and, of course, the stakeholders who are looking for custom Windows app solutions to complement their business that would help them reach broader customers base. What used to be a redundant process, that is the Windows app development process for different devices, is no longer redundant....
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If you have not already heard yet, then know this, Microsoft is in the process to up its ecosystem, augment it further. The Microsoft applications will no longer be device-subservient; currently, there are separate apps for desktops, Windows Phones, Windows tablets, as well as Xbox One consoles. Well, this will soon change. With the upcoming...
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Actually, the concept of allowing app developers to write their apps once and have them functioning on any Windows 10 powered devices feels wonderful. In 2015, for its windows platforms, Microsoft certainly requires more applications and more app developer loyalty, especially those operating on mobile devices. By making the underlying Windows Runtime, Windows APIs, Windows...
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The app market for Microsoft Windows 8.1 is growing… as per MetroStore Scanner there are now more than 150,000 apps available in the Windows app store, an incredibly good number in contrast to what they were a year ago. The reason for this rapid growth was primarily due to the reward system introduced by the...
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