This Year’s Annual Trip

We at Concept Infoway love and enjoy everything we do, whether it is our routine work or some strange monthly event. As it is December, the last month of the calendar year, we had arranged a one-day annual trip to a beautiful location… Kabirwad.


Kabirwad, approximately 225 km from Ahmedabad, is an island surrounded by the river Narmada. It is a stunning grove of a banyan tree that has grown over the decades and now occupies a considerable area of almost 3 km. Kabirwad is really a soothing place for people who enjoy the solitude and sanctity offered by Mother Nature.

Trip to Kabirwad - Concept Infoway
Trip to Kabirwad - Concept Infoway
Trip to Kabirwad - Concept Infoway
Trip to Kabirwad - Concept Infoway

As our destination was a good 200+ km, we started our journey in the chill of the early morning at 6:00. After a couple of stop, to pick-up some of our people and of course for breakfast, we reached Kabirwad at 11:30. Once we reached the destination, we hired a couple of boats (we were approximately 80-90 people) to reach the island. No sooner did we reached the island, than the fun started. Made a long hike, climbed the banyan tree (for Pete’s sake, it’s a banyan tree… how could anyone not dare climb it? It’s pure fun climbing the prop roots of a banyan tree!), played volleyball, cricket, tag, listened to some music, and had a lot of fun. It was a remarkable trip. Alas, it was a single day trip. Nevertheless, we all had a load of fun. Can’t wait for the next event.


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