Top Three Reasons to Upgrade Your WordPress Site or WooCommerce Store

WordPress and WooCommerce together are a powerful and versatile web system that helps professional WordPress programmers build beautiful websites, blog sites, and E-commerce sites for their clients. Like any other system, however, WordPress, or its E-commerce WooCommerce plugin, needs to be upgraded so that the site can perform at its best, stay secure, and function well.

Why upgrade your WordPress Website or WooCommerce Store?


When your WordPress website or WordPress WooCommerce online store was launched, it worked amazingly. And, you would have expected that it would carry on working perfectly forever – right? Well, it is not possible. The technology keeps on evolving, whether it is WordPress or any other.

Here are the top three reasons why you should update your WordPress website or WooCommerce store:

1.      Functionality

You can, of course, keep your website running for a few years without updating it. Over time, however, problems may arise, which will affect the effective working and functionality of your site. You will need to update your website and even make minor modifications to maintain the functionality and optimum working of your website.

Open Source technologies are always improving. They are getting faster, more efficient, and more versatile to support newer devices, browsers, and screens. Eventually, the newer version of the technologies changes the way everything functions currently, and for that reason, you may need to make some modifications in the logic or source of the code of your website.

The technology on which your WordPress site or WooCommerce store rests, namely PHP, MySQL, Server, and the hosting environment, will always be improving. If you do not upgrade your site, a newer version of PHP or MySQL will ship, and your website will break.

Upgrading the WordPress framework, its plugins, and the server environment will allow you to maintain the functionality of your site. Upgrading might even get you some new functionality!

2.      New Features

By upgrading your site, you will be able to take advantage of new features that the new version brings. You may get a responsive feature that would render your site on any devices or a beautiful slider feature that would give an enchanting look to your site. New features mean better site and better site means an advantage over your competition.

Upgrading your site can also bring speed and efficiency improvements to your site, which by the way, can have a big impact on SEO. Google and other search engines love sites with better performance, and they will rank such websites higher in their search results pages.

3.      Security

Today’s technology is secure, but the same technology could become vulnerable tomorrow. A site with vulnerable technology is easily susceptible to attacks. Such a site could easily lose its speed and/or functionality! For that reason, you should ensure that your site always remains secure. And the best way to do this is by updating it regularly.

When an update is released, whether small or big, it often includes some security and bug fixes. Update your site to make sure that your site remains secure, and does not lose its speed or functionality.

Upgrading your WordPress site or WooCommerce store should not be complex, but if you are unable to do it yourself or face any difficulty, consider going to someone expert, like Concept Infoway.

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