If you have not already heard yet, then know this, Microsoft is in the process to up its ecosystem, augment it further. The Microsoft applications will no longer be device-subservient; currently, there are separate apps for desktops, Windows Phones, Windows tablets, as well as Xbox One consoles. Well, this will soon change. With the upcoming operating system, the Windows 10, the apps will be device-independent, or in more simple terms, compatible with any device powered by Microsoft Windows. What will all this mean to the Windows application developers?


Windows app developers will now have to write codebase only once for a particular app. When they are finished, they can roll out the app to the Windows Store from where users can download and install it on a range of Windows devices. Of course, the app will have uniform experience on all the devices. One notable thing that the Microsoft has done by introducing the universal windows apps is, reduce the time and expense of Windows app development. Since one app will rule all the devices, the Windows app developers will not have to build separate apps for different devices. Time and expense will also reduce for the maintenance of the app.


From an entrepreneur’s, looking for an app solution, point of view, they will have the opportunity to maximize their business reach. People are using assorted devices, but since the Windows apps will be device-independent, delivering the apps to these people will not be an issue. People will be able to use the app regardless the type of Windows device they have, and this will prove beneficial to an entrepreneur…increased reach! Entrepreneurs will also get the benefit of the decreased cost of Windows app development. Because there will be the development of only one universal app, instead of several apps for different Windows devices, the Windows app development cost will be far less.


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