Ajax is a group of correlated web development methods used for the development of interactive web applications. On the other hand, jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript library, which shortens:

  • The creation of animations
  • Communications to server requirements
  • Document transferring and event handling

Often with jQuery, developers can easily write cross-browser JavaScript code. jQuery is itself written in JavaScript and arrived in the shape of a single .js file that developers link to a web page.

Ajax jQuery development allows the cooperation of the code on different pages without reloading the current page. Moreover, Ajax has a simple library structure, and jQuery serves as a great tool for creating animation effects, user interface elements, DOM manipulations and Ajax requests.

Advantages of Ajax jQuery Development in India with Concept Infoway

Concept Infoway is continually on the verge of any knowledge that advances the progress in the services we provide and with Ajax jQuery development, we always strive to deliver quality solutions in web design and development to our customers.

  • Solutions for rich animated websites.
  • SEO friendly development, along with fluid animation
  • Better uniformity with jQuery in terms of API
  • Solutions that are cross-browser compatible

Ajax / JQuery Development India