HTML has always been one of the foremost, proven and preferred methodologies for web designing and web development. However, with the emerging technology HTML5, it is not just limited to web designing anymore.

Mobile technology giants, Apple and Google, are always pushing forward. The number of iPhone users and Android users in the market are increasing. In this tight situation, when a business is opting for a solution via mobile development, it becomes vital to opt for a solution that works flawlessly on all the major mobile devices.

This has led to the emergence of the requirement of cross platform mobile development. HTML5 mobile development is quickly adapting these changes and catering to these varied needs of cross platform apps of the market.

Being a professional offshore software development company based in India with over 15 years of industry knowledge, we have successfully executed numerous projects under mobile app development for all major mobile operating systems, using their unique SDKs. Our proficiency on various SDKs such as PhoneGap, Appcelerator Titanium, MoSync, etc. (they all use HTML5 for app development) itself showcases our immense knowledge and expertise on HTML5 mobile development.

Benefits of HTML5 Mobile Development & HTML5 Mobile Website

  • A cleaner and consistent HTML code that can be transferred across the multiple environments by default
  • Proper application distribution channels that make the development easy, fast and concise for any platform
  • Availability and use of advanced UI components
  • Availability and use of CSS3 styles and CSS3 based animation to reduce the size of the app and improve its overall performance on any device
  • Access to rich audio and video media via native code
  • Support for geo location services, as well as offline storage capabilities

HTML5 Mobile Development