Windows 8 is the latest edition from the most secure and widely used Microsoft Technology. With the success of the Windows 7, Windows 8 Metro Style apps are looking to bring a whole new look and feel on variety of devices including desktop, laptop, tablet and Smartphone. These Metro Style apps are dynamic, innovative, mesmerizing and most importantly, they are productive. Ultimately, the demand of Windows 8 App development services is obvious.

At Concept Infoway, we are one of the leaders to blend with the latest or upcoming Microsoft technologies. Being a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we are always in harmony with various Microsoft products and technologies. Our Microsoft certified developers are skilled and competent on variety of Microsoft platform, which includes:

  • .Net Development
  • Asp.Net Development
  • C# (C Sharp) Development
  • SharePoint Development
  • Silverlight Development

Besides, we already got our hands on Windows 8 SDK and are completely moving towards enhancing our skills & strengths that can led us to provide quality solutions in Windows 8 App development services.

Windows Phone 8 App Development

Windows Phone 8, the revolutionary Smartphone is the most amazing device available in the cell phone market. Packed up with high resolution display and multi-core processor, Windows Phone 8 features Metro UI that is dynamic, colorful and attractive.

With thorough proficiency on Windows Phone 7 app development, we are now enhancing ourselves with the Windows Phone 8 platform. To develop Windows Phone 8 apps we have gained complete expertise on variety of languages, which includes:

  • Web Technologies – HTML 5, JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets Level 3 (CSS3)
  • .Net & Silverlight Technologies – XAML, C++, Visual Basic and C# (C Sharp)
  • DirectX Technologies – Native C++ and High Level Shader Language (HLSL)

In addition to these, we have complete command on Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 RC tools that are used for creating, coding, debugging, localizing, packaging and deploying Windows Phone 8 Metro Style Applications. With competence on all these Microsoft tools and technologies, we are ready to deliver great services in Windows Phone 8 app development that provide traits of consistent, elegant and compelling user experience.

Solutions for Windows Phone 8 App Development

Leveraging Windows Phone 8 Metro UI design style, we deliver apps that are clear and interactive, fast and fluid and more importantly, roam to cloud ready that gives the user a feel of staying connected and alive. Our solutions for Windows Phone 8 app development include:

  • Client’s specific applications
  • Integration of E-Commerce, CRM & CMS
  • Windows Phone 8 Games on different genre
  • Navigational apps
  • Social networking apps
  • Productive apps

Windows 8 App Development