Apple’s iOS 10 – Top 10 iOS Features Coming to Your iPhone and iPad

Apple’s iOS 10
Apple’s annual keynote, World Wide Developers Conference, is a big software show. On this stage, every year, Apple displays innovative hardware and software that revolutionize the tech industry. This year’s World Wide Developers Conference was no different, and, as per expectation, Apple came out with tons of new surprises, including iOS 10, Siri, WatchOS, Apple TVOS, Messenger, and a lot more. However, the announcement that forced the heads to turn around was that of iOS 10. The latter is the latest version of mobile OS for iPhone and iPad with plenty of improvements and enhancements.


iOS 10 is the tenth iteration of the operating system for the iPhone and iPad with a bunch of new features. According to Craig Federighi, this is the biggest iOS release ever for them, and it is something bigger. So, let’s find out, what’s new for you in iOS 10 by Apple.


1. Brand new lock screen: Apple has completely redesigned the lock screen in the iOS 10. The latter has a new raise-to-wake feature that wakes up to display the lock screen without having to touch any buttons.

2. Siri Updates: Apple has released Siri SDK to help developers incorporate it into their apps. Now, you can talk to your apps.

3. iMessage: iMessage will have rich links inline, meaning you can play videos from YouTube or songs from Music without bailing out to another app. Bigger emojis, new effects, invisible ink, etc. are some of the top enhancements.

4. Apple Music Makeover: Everything in Apple music is clean and navigable, including a new tab for “downloaded music”.

5. More Responsive Notifications: In iOS 10 Apple included a feature that shows what’s on the phone display when you pick it up. From there, you can get more info or respond to them from the lock screen using 3D Touch.

6. Apple Photos: Apples updated Photos app now can do what Google Photos used to do. Apple’s updated Photos app include enhancements such as face recognition, object recognition, clustering & sorting by person, date, and place.

7. Prettier Maps: In iOS 10, maps received a design tweak, but more importantly, it is now available for third–party developers.

8. Siri: Siri’s going to give Apple’s QuickType keyboard a boost, bringing contextual awareness (your location, your calendar, and more) into play to provide suggested replies. If someone asks where you are, for instance, Siri can tell them for you.

9. HomeKit: Apart from an actual app called “Home”, HomeKit hasn’t received a major feature overhaul. This Home app allows you to control all of your smart home devices.

10. Delete Stock Apps: In iOS 10, you can delete the stock apps. According to Tim Cook, users are now allowed to uninstall its default apps such as calendar, mail, weather, stocks, etc.

Free iOS 10 Update
For a free iOS 10 update, iPhone and iPad users have to wait until this fall. Owners of following devices can upgrade to iOS 10: iPhone 5 and higher, iPod touch 6th gen, iPad mini 2 and higher, and iPad 4th generation and the subsequent iPad Air and iPad Pro models.

iOS 10 App Compatibility Check and Development Services
Looking at the potential of iOS 10, iPhone and iPad app development companies are gearing up to offer iOS 10 app development services in the near future. Moreover, there are some companies preparing themselves to offer a free iOS 10 application compatibility check, and Concept Infoway is one of them. For a iOS app compatibility check, or to upgrade your existing app to iOS 10, please contact us at

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