Apple Watch App Development

Apple Watch App Development – The Big Challenge

March 20, 2015

It is not too long now for the launch of Apple Watch to the consumers–the release date is April 24, 2015. The Apple Watch, yet another novel invention, is the latest creation from Apple Inc. As the name suggests, it is a watch, a smartwatch, capable of bringing a whole lot of smartness on your wrist. It integrates with, of course, iOS and other Apple services. It brings fitness tracking as well as health-oriented potentialities too. Apple Watch is certainly going to be one remarkable product, but what about its apps?

From 3.5-inch to 5.5-inch iPhone screen (first gen to the latest) and 9.7-inch to 7.9-inch iPad screen (first gen to the latest), Apple has stripped down to 1.32- and 1.4-inch screen sizes. Now this would certainly make iPhone app developers, or we can say Apple Watch app developers, rethink their app development approach.

While developing apps for Apple Watch, developers need to make radical changes in their methodology, especially the app planning or designing part. They do not want the users to take too long or get confused to find the information they desire in a particular Apple Watch app. When a user is wearing a smartwatch, they only have a moment to glance down and seek whatever they are looking for without delving through menus.

Although the Apple Watch has not hit the consumer market yet, it is presumed that the initial watch apps will largely be an extension of the current iPhone apps, delivering users with quick notifications and somewhat limited abilities. This does not mean that there will be no standalone apps. The Apple Watch’s hardware is excellent, and its operating system is exceptional, making it possible to support standalone apps.

When developers undertake an Apple Watch app development project, they need to stick to the fundamentals of “simplicity” and “minimalistic” designs. While simplicity ensures that users will be able to seek whatever they desire in the Apple Watch app easily, minimalistic design makes certain that users’ interactions will be as brief as possible with the app. The icons, texts, as well as images of the Apple Watch app should also be of the right size. The selection of right color variants is also crucial so to make the app look appealing. Further, during the Apple Watch app development, the developers also need to make sure to keep the app lightweight. Apple Watch is a small device, and they do not want to make it sluggish with heavy apps.

Apple Watch app development is not going to be easy, it is a big challenge, but it is going to be the near-future trend. The companies that will be able to start early with the Apple Watch app development should gain valuable experience in the realms of smartwatch apps. In order to begin with Apple Watch app development, the latest iOS SDK is required, which is available on Apple’s developer web site.

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