Earth Day

Concept Infoway takes initiative to reduce carbon footprint on Earth Day

April 22, 2009

Dear All,

On behalf of Concept Infoway I wish you all “Happy Earth” day.

As we know the importance of Mother Nature, more and more industries, organizations and institutes are taking steps to go green and are putting act together to conserve and preserve the natural resources to bless the safe future for our children.

With this important mission in mind and to support this noble cause, we at Concept Infoway has already taken some steps to help preserve nature, we urge all our friends, family, customers and staff to join us in this initiative. Even a small step by everyone will make a big difference.

To spread our message we have decided that all of us at concept Infoway have decided to follow below steps

  • To include following statement in our email signatures.
  • Before printing, think about the environment, every 3000 A4 paper
    costs 1 tree.
  • To ensure most work is done using software to avoid using papers
  • To make use of “Microsoft One Note” to take notes
  • To switch off lights whenever not in use
  • To ensure the monitors are switched off when we leave office
  • And to make sure we conserve electricity and paper as much as we can

Should you have further ideas which can help us reduce carbon footprints and to conserve nature. Please feel free to contact us.

Mansi Shah
Chief Admin officer

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