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Cross Platform App Development – Why it is More Rewarding and How Much it will Cost You

April 28, 2017

Cross Platform App Development

What’s the point of handling different mobile applications for different mobile operating systems, when you can own a single mobile application for all the platforms, and enjoy the same traffic and revenue? Yes, it’s true! It shuts down the necessity of developing a dedicated mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone with a tweak in the code. To know more about cross-platform mobile app development services and how much it will cost you, please contact a mobile app development company today!

Cross platform mobile application development is rewarding compared to native mobile app development. It not only helps you save thousands of dollars, but also helps you save time, efforts in maintaining different apps and other unnecessary fuss associated with native apps. Here are the top advantages of cross platform app development, and they are;

  • Reusable Codes Developers can reuse the same code for other mobile OS. It saves time and efforts in writing the codes for same functions or actions.
  • Cost Effective You don’t have to hire dedicated developers for different platforms, as a single team of app developers is enough to take on different mobile platforms.
  • Easy to Maintain & Upgrade Well, as you have to handle a single app for all the major mobile platforms, it eventually becomes less hectic for you to maintain and upgrade your mobile app.
  • Less Time to Market This uses unified code base that facilitates rapid mobile app development; thereby, drastically reducing the time to market.
  • App Uniformity As a single code base is used, the look and feel of the app remains consistent on all the platforms.

Cross platform application development is the call of the time. Whether you are a small business,  a large enterprise or need a mobile app for your real estate business. It give you the access to the lucrative mobile world with the minimal investment of time, money and efforts. Also hire mobile app developers from Concept Infoway.

Cross Platform App Development Cost & Time

Time and budget for cross platform app development totally depend on many factors such as the type of app, complexity of the app, and development technology. Here’s a small list of factors that decides the cost of cross platform mobile app development and they are;

  • Complexity of the app
  • Type of developers required
  • Scale of operation you are targeting
  • Animation and custom controls required
  • Different layout for different screen sizes
  • QA requirements
  • Support requirements
  • Planned Enhancement
  • Project timelines/deadlines

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