Helpful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips for Established Websites to Rank Better in 2015

April 2, 2015

Whether your business website has been around for a while or whether you own an established business website, strategic search engine optimization is must for every website in 2015. If you own a business website for long enough, then you might have understood, that SEO has become a major part of running a modern business. Please review below Search Engine Optimization  Tips.

(Why my Rankings Start Degrading, and Why I am Still Unable to Regain the Rankings?)

Moreover, refined SEO algorithms by major search engines such as Google has added fuel to fire, making the landscape of internet marketing more complex for any business to understand. Eventually, you might have understood that search engine optimization tips you have learned over the years aren’t fetching desired ROI. Therefore, it is time to leave behind old age SEO tactics and make some changes to your SEO. Here are some really useful / helpful free SEO tips for established websites to get started in 2015.

Stop Practicing Old SEO Tricks Immediately

As mentioned above, since the evolution, search engine optimization has changed a lot. With the execution of new SEO algorithms by search engines, old-age SEO tactics are no more effective. There are search engine optimization practices you should stop using immediately:

Stop Keyword Stuffing – Keywords are the cornerstone of all internet marketing campaigns; however, rules to use them have changed. Days of keywords stuffing are over; therefore, no more cramming your content with repeated ranking keywords. If you are still doing this, then search engines may penalize your website.

Stop Buying External Links – Well, this was something that drew desired results. It was also used to build a link profile. However, as per the latest SEO algorithms, buying irrelevant external links without looking at the quality of them raises a real threat of Google penalty.

Stop Publishing Low-Quality, Duplicate Content – Useful and informative contents have always been the weakness of search engines. Every search engine concentrated on original, error-free, high quality, and informative content that can help end-users. Therefore, stop publishing low quality and duplicate content, as it degrades your website’s image in search engines.

SEO Techniques You Need to Start Using Now

After the implementation of new SEO algorithms, there are plenty of new things to do with SEO. Whether it is a mobile application or a website, the user experience is given the utmost importance by the search engines. Practice these useful SEO tips to help your established website reach its full potential:

Blog with Fresh and Interactive Content – It is a well-known fact that search engine spiders love fresh, original, and useful content, and blogs with fresh and interactive content are the best way to satisfy their hunger. Update blog section on your website two or three times a week to attract search engine crawlers, as well as readers.

Mobile Friendly or Responsible Website – With the introduction of smartphone revolution, owing a mobile friendly or a responsive website has also become crucial if you want to rank better or want more business from handheld web enabled devices. Moreover, Google recently announced that mobile-friendly feature would be considered as a ranking factor. There are countless advantages of having a mobile friendly website and mobile application for your business in 2015.

Title tags and Meta Descriptions – Here is your stance to grab your visitors’ attention. Though your old SEO tactics may have ranked putting keywords in your metas, it comes second to making these 155-160 characters engaging. You have to keep your users engaged, otherwise, they may move to some other websites.

Next Step

Throw away your old and ineffective SEO techniques, polish up your loyal standbys, and hug the new rules for search engine optimization. The best search engine optimization services are those that keep your business ahead of competition and use proven optimization tactics. With the help of above-mentioned tips, you will get your business back on track.

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