Web Design Essentials for Better Results

January 20, 2022

Web design essentials is something that demands a lot of thought process. Your website should be gorgeous to look at, should be easy to navigate, and at the same time, should be SEO-friendly so that search engines can give it some love in their search results. For that reason, when it comes to designing your website, consider putting a lot of intellect.

There are many aspects that you can consider to improve your website design and it’s responsiveness. Not everything, however, is going to work. Below is a guide that shows you some of the ways in which you can better your web design essentials.

Go for Mobile-Friendly, Responsive Web Design

It is quite evident that most of the web traffic, coming to the websites these days, comes from mobile devices.

Mobile users are increasing, and the tendency of accessing the websites through mobile devices is still going to increase in the coming years. If your website is not mobile-ready, you are going to miss out massively. In order to avoid that, a mobile-friendly, responsive web design is the best solution. By the way, mobile-friendly, responsive web design means your website will seamlessly adapt to any device with any screen size and orientation.

Pick a Simple Web Design

Simple web designs with minimal elements seem to do the trick these days. A decade ago, web designs were massively complex. Today, everything has changed. Nowadays, the trend is for clean and flat web designs, which many popular brands are already adopting.

Impress your web visitors with a clean looking website rather than a flashy website. Besides, a flashy-looking web design only slows down the site.

Use Unique Photos

Stock photos are easily available, and they look great, yes. But, use them in moderation. Having unique images on your site can have a great impact. People, sometimes, tend to distinguish stock images quite easily. Try not to give them such an opportunity and instead, give them something unique that would make them go wow!

For the best results, try to blend both unique photos and stock photos.

Make the Navigation Simple

Potential customers who come to your site should be able to go to any page within a matter of seconds. The web visitors need to be able to find everything on your site with ease. Do not confuse them by giving too many options. For web pages with little importance, show their navigational links in the sub-menus.

Keep “Contact Us” Conspicuous

You want your potential customers to get in touch with you, so why make it difficult for them to contact you? Make sure your contact information is available on every page of your website; integrate a “Contact Us” form on the side of the page or in the footer. And, be sure that it is not a distraction, but attractive enough for people to use it. If you are making it tough for people to contact you, you are already losing a lot of leads.

Place the Social Media Feeds Carefully

Having social media feeds running on your site is beneficial, but be careful where you place those feeds. If you have the feeds in the wrong location, it can create distractions and distractions can be bad. Normally, social media feeds at the bottom of the home page, above the footer, would not create any problems.

Consider Every Web Page a Lead Capture Page

Concentrating on the home page is important, but it is equally important to focus on all the other web pages of your site. Consider every page of your site as a landing page or opportunity page and design it appropriately so to force people further down the sales pipeline. Just imagine the possibility of getting a sale from every page!

Clickable Logo

Be sure to make it easy for your web visitors to return to the home page of your site. Your business logo should be clickable, and it should take web visitors back to the home page. A clickable logo makes navigating back to home page easy, and many websites already have this feature, so it is something that is almost expected by the web visitors. Besides, it is quite an old convention, so people are expecting something to happen when clicking the logo.

Concentrate on ‘Above the Fold’

It is important to focus ‘above the fold.’ Many website owners complain that they are not getting enough user engagement on their site. What could be the problem? They keep all the necessary information below the fold. It is important to keep the necessary information above the fold so that when web visitors land on the page, they immediately see what matters.

Place the supplementary information below the fold.

Analyze Your Web Design Regularly

Web design trends keep on changing, and so do the needs of customers. It is essential to review your web design at least every six months to see what is latest and what web visitors are demanding. This regular analysis does not mean you need to consider a complete website redesign; rather, it means you should see whether you can make some small changes.

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