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Why there is a Demand of Expert PHP Development Company?

September 19, 2014

With the advancement of technology, along with the advancement of new designing standards and web development platforms and frameworks, the demand of php development is growing day-in and day-out. Unlike few years back, when one have to depend on the skills of expert website designing and development company, now anyone can hire a skilled freelancer who can cater them almost the same level of services in a much budget price.

Besides, it’s not only the freelancers there are also a lot of start-up companies who can offer website development solutions via php at a cheaper rate. This has been possible due to the advancement and easiness on the overall php framework, which is getting easier and flexible day by day. As of now, the platform itself contains tons of framework which is very easy to use, and at the same time requires almost no technical expertise. For instance, WordPress is a CMS and a blog platform, which is such an open source framework based on PHP; it is almost as easy as any word editor, along with the availability of thousands of tools, plugins, themes, etc., allowing anyone to design and develop the website he desire.

So in the midst of all these competitive market scenario there comes a question that does there is still a demand of expert PHP development company? And if so then why? The simple answer is “Yes”. The reason is quite simple, yet a bit difficult to digest. The first reason behind the demand of expert php development solution provider is to seek quality. Also hire php developers from Concept Infoway.

Cheap Quality PHP Development Service Offered by Freelancers and Start-ups

Agreeing to the fact there are availability of several top-notch quality and expert freelancers and start-up companies, yet at the same time it is also a fact there is an availability of a lot of freelancers and start-ups who fails when it comes to quality. Such freelancers and start-ups are focused in providing cheap services, and try to gain more business via quantum volume. The websites and applications developed by such, might look good on the front-end with possibly superior quality designing, yet it will lack several aspects such as:

  • The coding might be rubbish, wherein the developer might have coded a lot of unnecessarily codes, or perhaps have done a lot of patch work to full-fill a certain functionality. Overall, this will affect the website’s load time, and several other performance issue.
  • The designs and / or code might be readily available and / or copied. The source code of any website and / or a particular functionality is readily available on the internet. At the same time, for a developer it is quite easy to steal any one’s design and coding standards, especially that of a fairly good website. Chances are that these freelancers and start-ups depends on such malpractices in order to reduce their overall in-house cost and to provide cheap quality product.

Besides, the above two there are several other malpractices that are practiced in the market today, especially followed by those who offer cheap quality services, in fact this is one of the core reason that why they offer cheap services.

Why Demand Expert PHP Development Company?

On the other hand, even with the availability of such cheap quality options, there are still firms and business who are indeed looking for robust quality and reliability services, rather than just getting it done at a cheap rate. Hence, even in the midst of all these, there is still a demand of expert php development company. Besides, it not only relies in quality and cheap options, there are also a high-level complex requirements, which is quite difficult to achieve with such freelancers and start-ups.

A professional and expert php development company doesn’t compromise in quality. Such a company is not only boasted with a vast team of php developers, yet at the same time they also possess a separate team of designers, HTML / XHTML, SEO, business / technical analyst, and so on. With the combination of all these skills, they offer the best quality solution, which can perfect match the client’s requirement. They also share their expert inputs, and suggestions regarding the requirement. For instance, by studying the client’s requirement, and industry they can suggest stuffs such as –

  • Preferred technology and framework for the requirement
  • If it is a website than whether it should be responsive or non-responsive
  • Whether there should be an integrated blog, newsletter, and such others features, modules, and / or plugins
  • The menu placement, and number of pages
  • Keywords and the type of contents
  • And so on…

Overall, such a professional company is not only focused towards just offering solution, but are focused towards offering a quality solution which perfectly suits’ the clients, as well as its business and targeted industry and country’s requirement.

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