Confirmed – Google is Removing all Right Hand Side Ads on SERPs Worldwide

Google SERP

It’s confirm; Google is releasing an update to remove ads from the right side of its desktop search results, and places ads only at the top and bottom of the page. Simultaneously, company also stated that it may display an additional ad – instead of 3 you may find 4 ads – above the search results.


In response to this change, marketers are asking: Does it impact organic search – and if so, how? How does it influence advertising? What can marketers do about the changes?

Reason Behind This Change


This update of removing the ads from the right side does a couple of things for Google; however, here are top reasons behind why Google axed the right side ads from SERPs, and they are;


• Google wanted to offer a cleaner user experience.
• Google’s desire to offer more cohesive experience between mobile and desktop search, because mobile search surpassed desktop search in the last couple of years.
• According to Google, overwhelming majority of paid clicks also come from ads above organic results.

Impact on Organic Search Results


It is hard to say at this point of time, but according to the industry experts, this update certainly has to do something with organic search results. Fewer paid ads could increase organic traffic, a fourth ad above organic results could also push results down the page to a point that lowers traffic. Furthermore, there are chances of lower click through rate as organic results may appear down due to an extra paid ad on the above.

So, what can be done?

If you want to stay on course through these changes, here’s what we suggest:


1. Stay on the top of organic search results.
2. Review how your ads appear in Google’s SERPs.
3. Review your average position in search results for a given keyword.
4. Increase your average position in search results for relevant keywords by increasing your bid or improve your quality score.


What do you think about Google’s decision to remove right-side ads? Share your thoughts in the comments below. for a Free SEO Analysis of your Website, a Free SEO Quote or for Free SEO Tips, contact us at


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