Great News for C# Developers – They Can Now Access Azure AD Reporting Data

Great News for C# Developers

Microsoft C# developers can now create customized dashboards with the availability of various reporting APIs that Microsoft has released by accessing the Azure AD reporting data.


As a part of preview release, Microsoft has showcased various Azure Active Directory Reporting APIs that will grant the developers the power to bring that reporting data into customized dashboards, as well as applications such as Excel or Power BI, and security information and event management (SIEM) solutions.


David Howell, a Partner Group Program Manager with Microsoft Identity and Security Services Division, has stated in his blog post, “Today, I am thrilled to announce the public preview of the Azure AD Reporting API. Using the set of REST APIs you can now programmatically access data from Azure AD reports in a format best suited to your specific needs.”


The Azure AD reporting API will empower the developers with the following:

  • Will allow them to programmatically access data from Azure AD reports using simple REST-based APIs
  • Further the REST based APIs can be used with PowerShell, C#, and others that supports REST APIs with OAuth
  • The developers can publish the data extracted from the above in text, XML or JSON formats.

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