HTML5 Mobile App Development – When You Need a Solution for Universal Mobile App

HTML5 Mobile App Development – When You Need a Solution for Universal Mobile App

Hypertext Markup Language 5 or commonly known as HTML5 is a markup language for structuring and creating contents for World Wide Web. HTML5 for mobile facilitates developers with numerous tools such as Offline Web Storage, API, CSS3, Canvas Drawing, GeoLocation, and much more, proving to be one of the best emerging technology in the form of HTML5 mobile app development.


Now if we look on the other side then smartphones have become a part of our daily lives, and the apps that we use on them has turned out be the must things for us these days. Ranging from ticket booking to hotel reservation, games to music, banking to insurance, and much more, one can find an app for almost everything. For businesses, it has turned out to be vital to opt for an app for themselves that can represent their business and / or perhaps allow them to sell their products and services to their audiences who are always on mobile.


Mobile technology giants such as Apple, Google, Microsoft and BlackBerry are always pushing forward themselves to provide better mobile operating systems. For instance, Apple’s latest iOS 6 and the upcoming iOS 7, Google’s Android’s latest Jelly Bean, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry’s OS 10. Besides, in the upcoming years chances are that we may come across other few mobile OS’s such as Ubuntu and Firefox OS. Now, most of the users have set of preferences particularly to the mobile operating system, wherein some users will be dedicated to Android and iPhone, others may prefer to opt for Microsoft’s Windows Phone or BlackBerry. But from a business point of view who wishes to target their mobile customer base it becomes a daunting task as they have to develop different apps for different mobile devices. Besides, it also proves to be expensive and time-consuming, and the things could get worse when they have to update their app. Finally, they end up with app dedicated to only one or two mobile OS’s.


HTML5 has certainly proven to be the turn-key solution provider. It empowers the stakeholder with a universal app that can work flawlessly on almost all mobile devices. The app only needs to be developed at once, and can be ported simultaneously without any technological or coding changes on almost all mobile devices irrespective to whether it is Android, iOS, Windows Phone or BlackBerry; all without compromising the quality of the app. This in terms proves to be cost-effective and at the same time saves a huge amount of time involved in the development.


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