Mobile App Development: Mobile App Usage Statistics

September 8, 2015

The mobile app industry is in a huge demand these days. The app stores are filled with millions of apps, which covers
almost every need of an individual – starting from gaming to online shopping, hotel reservations to flight bookings, productivity to health, business management to movies, and so on… the list could be endless. As per the last data collected in June 2014, more than 75 billion mobile apps have been downloaded from the Apple App Store; and that’s just one app store, we are talking about. Probably almost similar number of apps have also been downloaded for the Google’s Play Store.

Even the usage of online shopping, as well as social media on the mobile devices is increasing day-by-day. Facebook has already stated that they have more than 1 billion active mobile users.

Also not to forget about the mobile messaging apps such as WhatsApp, which has more than 500 million monthly active users, globally.

Furthermore, as per the industry figures, the global mobile app revenue is projected to surpass the mark of US$ 76.52 billion by 2017, wherein the share of paid apps is projected to decline by 37.8%.

Below is a statistic report of the overall mobile app usage:

Mobile App Usage Overview Values
Number of mobile app downloads worldwide 102,062m
Projected number of app downloads by 2017 268,692m
Number of free mobile app downloads 92.88bn
Number of paid mobile app downloads 9.19bn
Worldwide mobile app revenue $34.99bn
App Stores Values
Number of apps available in Google Play store 2+bn
Number of apps available in Windows Phone store 4+m
Number of cumulative downloads from Apple App Store 100+bn
Reach & Traffic Values
Number of unique U.S. visitors to Facebook app on iOS 47.25m
Number of unique U.S. visitors of Google Play app on Android 72.25m
Monthly social media minutes spent on Facebook in U.S. 230bn

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Due the constant and varying update cycles, there are chances that the statistics provided above may not be accurate.

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