Is Microsoft really about to kill Windows Phone?

As shocking as it sound, yet Microsoft is going through some big and drastic changes right now. Recently a part of Bing Maps was sold directly to Uber, and now it seems that the future of Windows Phone is also about to change.

As per the rumors, Microsoft’s Senior Leadership Team, further leading by the company’s CEO Satya Nadela are into discussions of dropping Windows Phone off the shelves, and are distancing themselves from mobile phone and tablets business.

Leakster MSFTNerd posted on his Twitter account (@MSFTnerd)that rather than focusing on Windows Phone and Tablets, Microsoft will be focused to offer Android with particular apps and services pre-loaded.

Yet, the above are just rumors and things can’t be confirmed until there is any official announcement from Microsoft.

What do you think should Microsoft really kill Windows Phone and Tablets or should they try to bring some innovation in it? Share your comments for the same.


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