Legacy iOS Apps are Dying – Act Now!

The end is near for all the 32-bit iOS apps – Legacy iOS Apps. If you have a 32-bit iPhone app or iPad app to cater to your customers, then it is time to seriously think (and quickly think) of the alternatives.


Starting with iOS 11, which was announced on June 5, 2017, it is speculated that all the 32-bit applications will stop working on iPhone and iPad devices. Apple, for some time now, has already been warning the iPhone and iPad users that 32-bit applications may slow down their devices. The warning also states that “This app will not work with the future versions of iOS. The developer of this app needs to update it to improve its compatibility.” Considering this warning, as an app owner, you need to do something in order to ensure that your iOS business app does not demise.

Legacy iOS Apps

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There is not much you can do, however, except update your app to 64-bit in order to make it compatible with iOS 11 from Legacy iOS Apps and the future versions of iOS. So, get hold of your iPhone app developer or iPad app developer and get your legacy 32-bit iOS app updated.


Updating your iPhone app or iPad app from Legacy iOS Apps to make it compatible with the latest version of iOS also has many intrinsic benefits. The newer version of iOS brings a lot of enhancements, security fixes, and features, which you can integrate into your app to make it better than before. Having better functionality and security ensures better user experience, which ultimately is beneficial for the success of your app.


Currently, the beta version of iOS 11 has been released and the final version for users is expected to be released later this year, probably in September. So, there is not much time left to update your iOS app. Get in touch with your iOS developers to learn more how you can save your app from its demise.


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