LinkedIn Cross 1+ Million Publishers

LinkedIn Cross 1+ Million Publishers

Now with 1+ million publishers on its blogging platform, LinkedIn has indeed achieve a significant milestone. The company has also celebrated with its official blog post – click here for the same.


Going back in the past, 3 years ago, LinkedIn has launched the blog publishing platform with only 150 handpicked influencers eligible to publish. As of now, LinkedIn publishing rights is available to almost all English speaking members, and will be soon available in every language.

Some of the major accomplishments achieved by LinkedIn Blog Publishing are:

  • 1+ Million publishers
  • More than 130,000 posts per week.
  • 45% of LinkedIn blogs readers consists of top tiers of industries such as managers, VPs, CEOs, etc.
  • The average blog post has now reached an audience of professionals in over 21 industries and 9 countries.
  • Higher education, tech, and financial services are some of the top content demanding industries.

Please feel free to share, how you feel about LinkedIn Blog Publishing – Do you really like it or you feel like it is too lame?


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