Smart Work Pays Off at Concept Infoway

Everybody works harder, but there are some who work smarter. And those who work smarter are always rewarded.

Working intelligently has its own perks. Smarter work not only gets a particular job done well and on time, but it gets the job done effortlessly with minimum or no hurdles. Also, a job done smartly is much better, in terms of quality, than a job done by working feebly. The end result of a smarter work is everyone being happy – the one who does the work smartly as well as the one for whom the individual had worked smartly.


We too at Concept Infoway appreciate all those who work smarter and make our clients as well as us happy. In fact, Concept Infoway, particularly, our Managing Director, Mr. Rikin Shah, believes that everyone should work smarter rather than work harder. To boost the motivation of the ones who are working smarter as well as to encourage others to start working smarter, today the management decided to reward certain brilliant brains of Concept Infoway and introduced a new “Smarter Work” incentive program. The candidates were chosen purely based on the smartness they showed in their working as well as based on the positive feedbacks from the clients for whom they were working. These candidates really did work smarter, bringing exceptional innovations in certain projects and making clients happy.


Here are the brilliant brains of Concept Infoway who were rewarded for “Smarter Work” today:

Smart Work Pays Off

Smart Work Pays Off

Smart Work Pays Off

Smart Work Pays Off

Work Smarter Guys / Girls & Always Be Rewarded


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