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Based on Open Source technology, PHP is perhaps one of the most powerful, preferred and widely used scripting language in the world. The easiness in learning, flexibility and ability to support an array of extensions, makes PHP development as the best approach to compromise quality web development solution. This is one of the reasons behind...
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PHP as a robust platform for web development needs no introduction. It began its journey in 1994 as a collection of tools that recorded the traffic on Rasmus Lerdorf’s online resume, and today; around half of the websites (approximately 33 to 55 percent of the world’s websites use PHP) over the internet are powered by...
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PHP also referred as Hypertext Preprocessor is the most widely used scripting language for the development of websites and web-based applications. Being an open source technology it supports numerous other technologies and software frameworks; for the developers it is the best freely available tool. Initially launched in 1995 with version 1.0, it has expanded vigorously...
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So you want a robust web solution, but don’t want to spend too much for it. Why not consider PHP web development? Using PHP, the widely used Open Source programming language, web developers can build incredibly dynamic and powerful websites, web applications, and ecommerce sites. PHP is so versatile that it can help build even...
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Consider PHP Development for Robust Website or Web Application   If you need a robust website or web application, then consider PHP, the most popular Open Source programming language. Using this server-side scripting language, an experienced web developer can efficiently build dynamic, feature-rich, and functional websites and web applications. The language is so powerful that...
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