Thanksgiving Celebrated at Concept Infoway

Thanksgiving is marked as a special day, wherein one shows his / her gratitude towards family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, clients, and almost to everyone by saying a simple, yet powerful word “Thank You”. It is a time to connect with each other, have some good reunion time and a good meal – altogether.


By taking these same roots and spirit of Thanksgiving, we at Concept Infoway celebrate Thanksgiving every year, wherein every team member shows their gratitude to each other with a simple “thanks” for all the help, guide, and courage that the team has passed to each other.


Just like each year, this year we also celebrated the Thanksgiving day. The event was celebrated on the first Saturday of December 2015, i.e., on 5th of December. A simple, yet a traditional luncheon was arranged and sponsored by the Seniors.

Thanksgiving Celebrated at Concept Infoway

The luncheon marks as a token of appreciation towards all the Juniors, who have always helped to accomplish all the projects, ranging from small bug fixing job to some high-end complex web applications – all in due stress and pressure of critical timelines. Of course, this small token of appreciation was nothing in compare to that of the pressure that the team does take, yet it indeed helps the team to have a strong internal bonding, and keep the motivation going.


Along with the luncheon, few games such as the Dodgeball and Housie was arranged, just to make the whole event cheerful.

Thanksgiving Celebrated at Concept Infoway

The Thanksgiving event marks one of the many events and occasions celebrated at Concept Infoway, all focused to ensure to maintain healthy business relationship between the team, as well as to maintain the work-life balance of each individuals.


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